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Organizational Change Management Planning

Organizational Change Management templates designed to help you bring people with you through the change process no matter how small or large your change effort is. These resources work well for agile transformations, projects, programs, and PMOs delivering new services. These can also be used to help address organizational changes or other initiatives where it’s critical to properly support your team through a transition.

Change Definition Worksheet

This one-page worksheet will aid in the definition of organizational change.  Use the Change Definition Worksheet to define the who, what, where, when, why and how of the change initiative.

Change Management Plan

The Change Management Plan Template can be used throughout the duration of the Change Management Simplified course and during any change effort to build your own change management plan for a project.

Change Readiness Checklist

The Change Readiness Checklist Template a one-page readiness review for the change initiative in terms of:

  • Sponsorship
  • Project Management
  • Change Management Status

Change Communication Plan

The Change Communications Plan Template is a one-page plan to define the communication strategy message content, delivery mechanism, sender, and time-frame (the “when”) throughout the phases of the change initiative.

RACI Matrix Template

The RACI Matrix is a powerful tool to assist in the identification of roles and assigning of cross-functional responsibilities to a project deliverable or activity.

Change Resistance Worksheet

The Change Resistance Worksheet will assist managers with employees that are change-resistant in defining their needs and concerns to resolve their issues and eventually support the change initiative.

Change Resistance Checklist

The Change Resistance Checklist is a planning tool to develop change resistance management strategies, training, and as a framework to develop an action plan for the organization, team, and stakeholders.

Change Stakeholder Engagement Plan

The Change Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template is used to identify your critical stakeholders and define your approach or strategy to either win them around, move them to the preferred level of engagement, or manage their opposition.

Sponsor Expectations Checklist

The Sponsor Expectations Checklist Template is a one-page review for the active and involved sponsor in terms of:

  • Participation in key elements of the change initiative
  • Supporting change with peers and other managers
  • Communications

Sponsor To-Do List

The Sponsor To-Do List Template is a one-page review checklist for the project manager and active and involved sponsor in terms of:

  • Change Team – Acquire resources for change team
  • Managers – Build management support
  • Employees and Other Stakeholders – Create awareness

Project Change Evaluation

The Project Management Evaluation is a type of lessons learned to evaluate the project management process and the elements of the change process that occurred during the project.