A program designed for consultants, trainers, and coaches.

You know you can help organizations achieve big things much faster with your support

…but who is supporting YOU?


Business leaders need results fast. You won’t have long to help the C-suite achieve the business results they are looking for – and by the time they hire you, they’re already behind.  At PMO Strategies, we’re here to help you drive high-IMPACT outcomes for the organizations you serve — so there’s no denying the clear-cut advantage you bring to the organization.

When you join, you'll have access to these exclusive benefits:

  • One-on-one coaching to help you define your business model and craft your offer
  • Opportunity to work with TransparentChoice to create and deliver a service offering
  • My game-changing IMPACT Engine System to implement with your clients
  • Hands-on coaching to support your unique business goals
  • All of the requirements to earn IMPACT Engine Consultant certification
  • Be on the list of consultants, trainers, and coaches we pull from for our own clients
  • Step-by-step proven strategy for growth and client acquisition
  • Specific training, templates, plans, and resources to help you build your business
  • Opportunity to create a business that gives you more fun, freedom, and fulfillment that only being a successful business owner can offer

NEW FEATURE: Exclusive Partnership to Help You Build Your Business

Organizations invest in projects, and they expect a return on their investment. Unfortunately, in most organizations, the ROI is too low.

It’s the PMO’s job to fix it, but most have neither the skills nor the tools they need to make it happen and that’s where you come in. During the mentoring program, you will learn a proven approach to doubling ROI, and our partner, TransparentChoice, has the software tools that can make it happen.

TransparentChoice has created an offer exclusively for the Entrepreneur Mentorship Program members to help promote a bundle of software and services, your services, aimed at helping customers double the ROI from their portfolio. The package includes software, naturally, but also sales and marketing support to help you reach out to prospects and have the kind of conversations that will help you close business.

Learn the Secrets to Our Success

We will share how we have built a completely referral based consulting practice over the last ten years and the battle-tested approach that has made it all possible.

  • Learn the groundbreaking system that delivers results every time.
  • Get hands-on coaching as you apply our program with your own clients.
  • Become certified in our approach so you can get on the shortlist of partners we work with.
  • Explore the services you could build for your own consulting practice.
  • Become an insider and learn how we have built each of the services and programs we deliver.
  • Build your brand and grow you practice just like we have.

Looking for a start-to-finish consulting practice mentoring program? Our IMPACT Engine System™ Consulting Mentorship Program sounds like a great match!


The secret to your success?

We’re going to teach you the systems, processes, and approaches we’ve used to build a sought-after consulting business over the last decade.

You’ll learn our IMPACT Engine System, get hands-on coaching as you apply the program with your clients, and become an IMPACT Engine System Certified Consultant to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Power Moves

Anyone who knows chess knows that the Rook is a far reaching leader of the game of strategy. With you by their side, business leaders will be able to accomplish their organizational objectives – whether you’re driving horizontally or vertically.

We’ll be by your side as you support your clients while helping you grow your business.

Guiding Your Journey

The only program you need to take you on every step of the journey to build or elevate your strategy delivery organization quickly and show tangible business value along the way.

Comprehensive Deliverables

Create all of the deliverables you need to build, run, and manage the organization while effectively communicating your value and results.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Guided delivery model to take you through every step of the process using our Iterate Your Way to IMPACT delivery model.

40+ PDUs/CEUs

The training component of this program gives you 40 PDUs (10 Ways of Working, 20 Business Acumen, 10 Power Skills) and a completion certificate.

On-Demand Access

Videos, in-depth guidance, knowledge checks, worksheets, templates, and guided exercises to apply to your organization at your own pace.

Lifetime Access

One time payment for ongoing access and early access to new features and program updates including new guidance and resources.

Guided Case Study

Use our guided case study workbook to apply what you’re learning in each step to a real scenario.

Three Components to Our Mentorship Program

We’ll guide you through each step to build your consulting practice using our system and resources.


Learn Our Approach

We’ll teach you how and give you license to use our system for building and running PMO and strategy delivery teams with your clients.


Apply in Your Business

We’ll be there to guide you as you are applying our program in your client organizations with training and coaching resources.


Grow Your Business

We’ll help you grow your business and include you in a pool of certified consultants, trainers, and coaches we work with in our business.

IMPACT Engine System™ Journey

Ready to make moves?

Here are the calculated steps our program will guide you through on your journey from outputs to IMPACT.

Develop the optimal IMPACT Driver mindset so you can unlock the secrets behind any challenges your organization should solve.

  • Learn the best approach for establishing a strategy-delivery office that can show value quickly.
  • Begin the mindset shifts you must make in order to prepare for the IMPACT Engine System™ Journey.
  • Learn the pitfalls that so many strategy-delivery leaders fall into and how to avoid them.

Develop strong stakeholder relationships and unlock their highest priorities so you deliver the highest-IMPACT solutions.

  • Build your coalition of support while exploring opportunities to deliver IMPACT.
  • Evaluate all organizational change aspects so that you are fully prepared to lead change without resistance.
  • Craft a winning IMPACT Engine Recommendation that drives engagement and support.

Build credibility fast with high-IMPACT solutions and services that demonstrate your value.

  • Confidently determine the best fit services for your organization’s needs.
  • Establish a right-sized governance and portfolio model to oversee IMPACT delivery.
  • Determine and hire the best IMPACT Engine talent to achieve your mission.
  • Establish the most efficient processes, templates, and tools to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Develop metrics that will tell the story of how your organization is delivering IMPACT.

Create your high-value delivery roadmap to guide the organization toward greater IMPACT realization.

  • Build your IMPACT Engine business plan to set expectations on organization IMPACT.
  • Establish your IMPACT Engine maturity framework – custom to your organizational needs.
  • Develop your iterative IMPACT Engine road map of value delivery.
  • Determine your value measurement plan and KPIs so IMPACT Engine value is clear.
  • Confidently deliver your IMPACT Engine Delivery Proposal ongoing measurement plan.

Deliver exceptional business results that strategically position your organization at the center of organizational value delivery.

  • Understand how to incorporate smart organizational change management techniques.
  • Establish a delivery-focused culture and mindset within the organization.
  • Learn how to adapt your management style to the change capability and culture.
  • Communicate IMPACT Engine that tells your story of undeniable business value.
  • Continue a thoughtful iterative approach to services delivery and results measurement.

Develop a nimble and adaptive value model so shifting business needs don’t derail success as you position the organization as the organizational Strategy Navigator™.

  • Evaluate IMPACT Engine performance and progress to determine your next evolutionary step.
  • Evolve your IMPACT Engine road map to suit a dynamic organizational environment.
  • Earn your seat at the table as the Strategy Navigator™ by providing critical business insight and leadership. 
  • Get ahead of the game: predict where your organization should be next and get there before they ask.

The Coaching You Can Count On

Looking for hands-on support from top global strategy delivery thought leaders while getting certified?

The IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™ is all about helping you learn what it takes to become the strategic business partner your executives need — with the support of likeminded students and a seasoned coach motivating you every step of the way.

With the hands-on coaching, you’ll:

  • Avoid overwhelm by navigating the program together with a cohort of your peers
  • Collaborate with other strategy delivery leaders applying the IMPACT Engine System from around the globe in a virtual format
  • Build strategy delivery capability that’s right for your organization while getting real-time feedback from coaches on your deliverables
  • Learn how your peers are applying the techniques and addressing roadblocks in our private forum
  • Build confidence in your progress by having all of your strategy delivery questions answered by top industry thought leaders on frequent video meetings

Meet Your Coaches

The Coaching You Can Count On

For the business leader who wants hands-on support and coaching from top global industry experts guiding you every step of the way.

IMPACT Engine Certification

The only certification of its kind designed to prove your ability to deliver IMPACT.

Inner Circle Membership

Targeted training, assessments, guidance, playbooks, and templates to accelerate delivery.

Hands-On Support

Feedback on deliverables, guidance on stuck points, and coaching to keep you moving.

AI Chatbot

Brainstorm and get real time answers accessing our entire PMO Strategies content database.

Live Coaching

Live virtual coaching meetings twice a month to learn from and with your peers.

Coaching Platform

Get answers to your questions, feedback on deliverables, and collaborate on solutions.

Spotlight Training

Top industry thought leaders share their best advice and coach students in live training.

IES Planning Templates

IES planning templates for several major project management platforms.

Network of Peers

Connect with business leaders in the IES program, share wins, ask advice, and collaborate on deliverables.

Personal Development

Utilize mindset, habits, tasks, KPIs, and other planning tools to maximize your personal effectiveness.

Program and Membership Benefits

Our Entrepreneur Mentorship Program has kicked off! Check out the features below and join the waitlist to reserve your spot in the next cohort.

Lifetime IMPACT Engine System Program Access

Step-by-Step Strategy Delivery Framework

Real-World Expertise On-Demand

Access to New Feature Updates 

Deliverables, Templates, and Resources

Case Study Workbook to Apply Each Technique 

40+ PDUs/CEUs for Training Portion

IMPACT Inner Circle Membership Program

Deliverable Support and Feedback

24x7 Access to Private Group Coaching Platform

Twice Monthly Group Q&A Coaching Sessions

Hot Topic Training by Industry Thought Leaders

PMO Strategies AI Chatbot with All Our Content

Learn and Grow with your PMO/Strategy Delivery Peers

Templates, Examples, and Case Studies from Students

Personal Leadership Development Planning

Accountability Resources to Ensure Progress

Certification Exam Preparation

Optional 1:1 Coaching Add-On w/ IES Certified Coach

Monthly Group Consultant Coaching Sessions

Ongoing Mentorship and Accountability

Resources to Support Operations, Lead Gen, and Other Business Strategy Needs

IES Cycle Planning Templates

impact engine system™





$3,997 / THEN $997 per month

for one year

impact engine system™






$15,000 / one year

Questions? We’ve got answers

The consultant mentorship program covers building and growing a consulting, training, or coaching business focused on PMOs, strategy delivery, project management, and related areas. It provides step-by-step guidance, templates, examples, and hands-on support to help you start or expand your business.

This program is a combination of three highly customized programs designed to support you on the journey of building a business to support your personal goals. It consists of three main parts:
1. The IMPACT Engine System – our step-by-step framework, training, and guidance that you can use to help your clients build and run highly successful PMOs or strategy delivery functions.

2. The IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind – a hands-on coaching program where you will be surrounded by training, support, and resources to help you apply the IMPACT Engine System for your clients.

3. The IMPACT Consulting Mentorship – another level of guidance, coaching, and support focused on you and your business.

We will cover topics like:

  • the right business structure for you
  • what services are the best fit for your goals and strengths
  • how to find and engage your target customers
  • how to build your brand
  • how to grow your business
  • how to find support staff to help you that won’t break your budget
  • and so, so much more…

Laura Barnard, Founder and Chief IMPACT Driver for PMO Strategies and Top Global PMO Influencer of the Year for 2021-2022.

Mike Hannan, Founder and CEO for Fortezza Consulting and Top Portfolio Performance and Strategy Expert and Author.

Mike and Laura have been friends for more than 13 year and during that time, they found that they had similar passions for helping organizations achieve high-IMPACT. Over the years Mike and Laura have supported each other’s businesses that they each started at the same time more than 10 years ago, started a non-profit together, and partnered together to serve clients around the world.

They built this program to share what they’ve learned in well over 50 years of combined experience delivering IMPACT for clients, consulting and advising companies on how to accelerate growth and deliver even more business value.

Their entire goal with this program is two parts:

  1.  Share everything they’ve learned about building and running successful businesses for more than a decade each and give you access to the lessons learned, short cuts, and people that can help you build a business that you love.
  2. Help grow a group of next-level consultants and trainers that PMO Strategies could partner with or pull into client engagements.

There are three components to this program and are scheduled as follows:

1. Self-Paced: The IMPACT Engine System – our step-by-step framework, training, and guidance that you can use to help your clients build and run highly successful PMOs or strategy delivery functions.

2. Twice Monthly 90 Minute Coaching Sessions plus 24×7 Access to Resources, Q&A, and Support: The IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind – a hands-on coaching program where you will be surrounded by training, support, and resources to help you apply the IMPACT Engine System for your clients.

3. Live Q&A Sessions and Workshops Scheduled Based on Group Availability: The IMPACT Consulting Mentorship – another level of guidance, coaching, and support focused on you and your business. The program timeline will be determined collaboratively with the first cohort of students to identify the ideal cadence of live coaching sessions, training workshops, etc. The program length is one year.

As soon as you complete your purchase, the IMPACT ENGINE SYSTEM™ will be available to you inside your account.

The mastermind and mentorship programs require that you sign the Non-Disclosure and Coaching Agreement signed by every participant to protect the identity and content covered in the sessions. We take the privacy of our students very seriously.

We have also created a phenomenal environment of kind and supportive participants from all over the world and want to maintain that culture of positive support in this group.

You’ll receive an email with your login information and links to the platform as soon as you complete registration. Check your spam or junk folder and make sure to add PMO Strategies to your safe sender list.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a payment plans for you because the truth is, you can’t afford NOT to be in this program if you’re serious about building and running a company that gives you the fun, freedom, and fulfillment that comes when you take a chance on yourself and lean into doing work you’re passionate about!

Your mentors, Laura and Mike, are not asking you to do anything they haven’t done themselves. Laura shares stories of how she put $10,000 on a credit card to join a mastermind program in her first year of business before she had any clients. She knew that she needed help if she was going to be serious about this company she wanted to build.

Since then, Laura has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last decade taking programs, being a part of masterminds, taking courses, and trying different methods to create the brand you see today with PMO Strategies.

You get to take advantage of all of that experience and knowledge without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or waste money making mistakes you will learn how to avoid.

One of the most important things you will learn as an entrepreneur is that you must invest in yourself as the business owner if you want your business to thrive.

If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, why would you expect any clients to be willing to invest in you?

Given the high-touch nature of the program, refunds are not offered. However, if the first cohort does not reach 15 members, the program will be canceled and payments refunded.

If you want to build or grow a consulting, training or coaching business focused on PMOs, strategy delivery, project management, etc. then this hands-on mentorship is designed specifically for you.

If you find another program out there that was built 100% based on REAL WORLD experience building and running an organization for more than the combined experience of more than 50 years AND offers the kind of ongoing support, please let us know!!

Most importantly, if you do the work, you will get the results. This program works if you do the work.


We have participants that join after they “try to get settled” and then they find that they would have been so much better off with the resources we include in the program!

Every single one of them says they wish they’d found us sooner. Don’t let that be you!

We guide you through exactly what you need to do in those first 90 days in the role. We give you ever step-by-step and when you join BEFORE your first day on the job, you can get a head start in understanding how to hit the ground running – and have a 90 Day Plan to put in front of your boss day one!

Those first few weeks in the new role are critical.

You need to know who to talk to and what you should be asking and looking for in those first onboarding discussions and meet-and-greet conversations. First impressions are important! AND there are resources in Step 1 and Step 2 you will want to have to go through this process. Step 1 will help you get very clear on why your organization is there and Step 2 will help you uncover exactly what you should focus on first to build credibility and momentum quickly.

Remember, by the time they put you in this role, they have already been dealing with challenges or pain points they want addressed for months or years and so you are already behind the eight ball on day one. Annoying, but true.

We’re going to start by building a 90 day then a full year plan that is designed to go at the pace that works best for you. The consultant mentorship specific parts of the program will be customized based on the needs of the people in it and designed to go at a pace that meets the needs of each individual in the program.

Or you can pace it out slower to give you more time to work through the content. The IMPACT Engine System is yours to keep forever, even when we make updates, so you have it to use as many times and when you need it as your business evolves. 

This is not something you do in addition to your job on nights and weekends.


You will have guidance and support to apply to your own business whether it’s a side hustle or you’ve gone all-in on making this business everything you dream it can be!

You’ll have everything you need to do this. Why go the hard way when we’ve created this whole system FOR YOU so you can get better results much faster and easier?

This program takes you step-by-step through what to do, in what order, why it matters, how to do it, and then gives you the resources to do it – at your own pace so there’s no overwhelm or going too fast or not having time to do it all.

Right at the beginning of the program, you’ll spend time with your coaches building your road map for your first 90 days so you can lay out a realistic plan that not only ensures your success but helps you save tons of time wondering what to do, keeps you from making unnecessary mistakes, and ensures you’re on the right track for YOUR particular situation.

The program is designed to provide the systems, processes and business resources to empower “organizations of one” all the way up to larger teams. The community environment also connects solo entrepreneurs for peer learning, so you’ll never feel alone on this journey.

Absolutely! We will have a special license for you to use as long as you are in the Consultant Mentorship program.

We want to help you help your clients succeed, just like we do!

Plus, make sure you check out our new certification program because we have a level JUST FOR YOU so you can get ongoing support as you work with your clients.

Yes! You will have plenty of opportunity to get direct feedback on your specific business plan, materials, and support to help you with your business.

This course is priced per individual and it is against program licensing terms to share your login information or otherwise distribute the contents of the training program with the exception of the deliverables you are creating as a part of this course. You’ll create many of your organization’s deliverables in this course and those can and should be distributed to all stakeholders and are fully customizable.

However, we highly encourage all team members to take part in this program! After all, your team needs to be on the same page as you are shifting your mindset and building your organization or transforming how the organization delivers IMPACT. That’s why we have a special program for organizations. Contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website to get the special pricing so all team members can benefit from the program.

Absolutely! We have two options for payment plans.

In the U.S., you can use Paypal Credit by clicking Buy Now Pay Later at checkout or clicking on the Klarna payment option.

Outside the U.S., you can use the Klarna payment option and follow the prompts.

No worries!

You can contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website and we’ll help you determine which option is right for you.