PMO Strategies Speaker Request

We are so grateful for all of the interest we’ve had for the IMPACT Summit, PMO Strategies Podcast, IMPACT After Hours, and other events.
If you are not familiar with all of our various events, please learn more here before submitting your application:
IMPACT Summit –
PMO Strategies Podcast –
Our events and podcast are a unique opportunity for us as thought leaders in our community to come together to share the many ways PMO, project, and other business leaders can leverage the power of project management and the PMO to drive even higher IMPACT in an organization.
After submitting your information, you will receive a copy of that submission. We will keep your submission on file and reach out when we find an appropriate place to share this content.
We’re doing our best to accommodate as many speakers as we can, however, we expect that not all applications will be accepted. Decisions for inclusion will take into consideration the completeness of submission, relevance to our heavily weighted PMO leader and business leader audience, connection to the theme (if relevant), and meeting the criteria to have a clear next action step for the audience after consuming your content.
NOTE: We do not charge you fees to be included in our events or on our podcast and we do not pay speaker fees because we are not charging the audience to attend/listen.
In return for your partnership, we will promote you, your company, and your services (including digital materials you provide) to our growing audience during the event/episode promotional window and we will ask you to also promote this event/episode on your social and newsletter channels.
If you have any questions, please reach out through our contact page.
PMO Strategies Team