Investing in Your Strategy

As the King on your company chessboard, you already know the valuable role strategy plays in an organization’s success.

Where We Come In

Even the sharpest strategies are useless without the right plan of execution to set them in motion. But how can you close the strategy-execution gap for good when the advice you’ve been given to this point only addresses 20% of the solution?

At PMO Strategies, we don’t just understand the challenges you’re facing — we navigate them successfully every day.

The Solution?

A streamlined, integrated system designed to optimize the strategy delivery process, help you achieve the best business outcomes as quickly as possible, and boost your ROI.
Driven by the belief that evolution is everything, we apply a battle-tested approach that’s anything but typical, so you can set yourself apart from the 61% of executives today struggling to balance strategy with execution and deliver winning results.

Ready to finally bridge the strategy-execution gap?
Our battle-tested system can help you get there faster than you may think.

A System to Optimize ROI

Tired of the same old advice that yields lackluster results? Designed just for executives like you, the IMPACT Engine Operating System is the only program of its kind that takes you on every step of the journey to build a high-IMPACT organization, thrive in an ever-changing world, and achieve a greater return on investment from day one.

Instill Focus

Build highly productive teams working in direct alignment with the strategy

Measure Outcomes

Adopt an outcome-focused mindset that is driven by value creation and achieving the greatest ROI

Perform Relentlessly

Optimize the delivery process to get better results faster while working on the right initiatives

Adapt to Thrive

Deliver results using a flexible and adaptive framework that responds to changing needs

The team behind PMO Strategies has been doing this for 25 years, and over that time, we’ve perfected a system that transforms your organization and empowers everyone on your team to become independent IMPACT-drivers in their own right — even after our work together is done.

That’s why we build our exit strategy from the moment we walk in…because the program’s learnings are only as effective as your team’s ability to apply them after the fact.

Communicate with Purpose

Drive action and faster decision-making with the right information at your fingertips

Transform Mindset

Transform your PMO and project leaders into strategic business partners orchestrating change delivery

The IMPACT Engine System™

Wondering what’s ahead? Here are the calculated steps our program
will guide you through on your journey to better business outcomes

Build an outcome-focused foundation for your business

Assess your organization for IMPACT opportunities

Define high-ROI project delivery services

Develop an iterative service delivery model

Deliver exceptional results that accelerate IMPACT realization

Create sustainable organizational maturity

PMO Strategies is
changing the game with the
IMPACT Engine System™

Make your move.

A Thought Leader’s Perspective

Results You Can See

At PMO Strategies, results come first, which is why we like to show you exactly what you can expect to get from your IMPACT journey up front.


A strong and well-managed project portfolio of initiatives anchored by focus on outcomes and aligned to your strategic objectives.


The ability to more proactively and accurately measure return on investment for all initiatives.

Greater Transparency

Clear understanding of project progress, allowing real-time adjustments that keep the entire portfolio aligned with the corporate strategic direction.

Increased Project Throughput

Proactive management of project time and cost, ensuring the best use of internal resources to reduce cost and increase project success.

Improved Competency

A higher level of Project Management competency development for all staff, leveraging the techniques and tools implemented to increase overall staff efficiency.

More ProjectCapacity

Higher capacity and more focused resources to generate better project throughput, creating the opportunity to take on additional improvement initiatives throughout the year.

Stronger Governance

Better insight into and control over project engagements to improve quality and cost.


Greater efficiency in project and portfolio management, as well as increased effectiveness in collaboration and communication.

Smarter Decision Making

Stronger and more informed decision making done faster as a result of your new-found, reliable outcome-focused solutions.

Improved Quality

Fastest and highest quality delivery of initiatives targeting customer benefits, increasing overall customer value.

Better Collaboration

Development of a collaborative project management culture in the organization to support effective decision making and more holistic project outcomes.

Organizational Sustainability

Ensured sustainability of successful project management practices thanks to the PMO Strategies membership site filled with training, templates, tools, resources, and videos accessible by all staff.

How Can We Help You Make a Bigger IMPACT?

Build Your Own Experience

We offer two program styles to meet your needs and streamline your solutions.

Hands-on Implementation

No time to waste? No problem. Our hands-on approach is built for executives looking to drive high-IMPACT delivery outcomes faster while developing internal talent to sustain the new operating model at the same time.

Guided Implementation

Are you an executive with time and resources on your hands? If you take our guided path, you’ll get: live guidance and instruction for your PMO or strategy delivery office implementation with advisory support from program founder, Laura Barnard, and her team of Certified IMPACT Engine Consultants™, to accelerate IMPACT.

Wondering what this program can do for you?
Take it from clients who have walked in your shoes!

Laura’s mentoring and the IMPACT Engine System™ program has been invaluable to me. It’s given me confidence and guidance through the challenges that I face as a strategy delivery leader of one currently.  I can’t thank Laura and her team enough for helping me learn and grow professionally over the last couple of years.  Today, I not only work consistently and confidently with our leadership, but I’m also able to help coach others in our organization through the project management process.

Andrea, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

More than just a step-through process from strategy to execution, Laura Barnard’s The IMPACT Engine emphasizes the crucial mindset change that sets it apart from other books. She demonstrates that you can and must know where to steer, adopting a solution-oriented approach that unleashes your team’s potential to deliver value quickly and effectively. If you manage projects, regardless of your organization’s structure, this book is essential. Get The IMPACT Engine and set your direction . . . fast!

J. Kendall Lott, CEO, M Powered Strategies; Co-Founder, Project Management for Change

Realize the full potential of your business through better approaches designed to elevate business value.”

Andy Jordan, President, Roffensian Consulting

I’ve personally seen delivery leaders go through the IMPACT Engine process and go from burned out to burning bright! This system just works every time.

Stuart Easton, CEO, TransparentChoice

By emphasizing the value chain and strategy lifecycle, Laura Barnard positions the PMO as a crucial player in driving organizational transformation and operational excellence. Her focus on practicality, collaboration, and impactful results sets a new standard for excellence in organizational management.

Saadi Adra, CEO, ADVISORS; 2016 PMI Snyder Award Winner; 2022 World PMO Influencer

PMO Strategies helped us build project management capacity and deliver important change at a critical time in the evolution of our organization. The results exceeded our expectations and enabled us to accelerate progress toward our goals. Best of all, we are now more self-sufficient, and our goal of enterprise-wide engagement, adoption, and utilization was achieved with a system that we can sustain and improve over time. Simply put, PMO Strategies made us all better.

Joel Albizo, FASAE, CAE, - CEO, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

“Laura Barnard’s transformative approach has revolutionized the way I guide people through change. With empathy and understanding, she masterfully supports individuals and organizations on their journey to unlock their full potential and achieve their strategic goals. Barnard’s expertise showcases the power of creating a positive, collaborative environment that empowers organizations to thrive.

Apriel Biggs, Justworks

The IMPACT Engine System™ has given me the tools to move that project management needle in our organization.  Laura is a fantastic coach. She shares personal experiences. What’s worked, what hasn’t worked and that’s very relatable.  The materials that are provided are priceless and I highly recommend the IMPACT Engine System™.

Leigh, Quad

Beyond useful! A whole new meaning – Strategy delivery office should be optimized with PMO Strategies!


We had a strategy, a talented group of people, but we weren’t sure how to get there. PMO Strategies has taken us to the next level by giving us the training and guidance to help us organize and deliver on the most important work we do. It’s been transformational for the organization and I’m so grateful to the team for getting us here.

Mike Welch, Leadership and PMO Executive, American Planning Association

A super-helpful recipe to elevate the performance of any PMO or enterprise transformation effort, and drive high-IMPACT mission success.

Mike Hannan, CEO, Fortezza Consulting; Co-Founder, Project Management for Change

The IMPACT Engine System is comprehensive, practical, and proven. You are led through a logical sequence of steps that results in faster, better business outcomes that are aligned with the organization’s strategy, providing undeniable value for the organization, and ultimately earning you a seat at the table as the organization’s Strategy Navigator.

Beth May, COO, Project Management for Change

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