Leverage our proven IMPACT Engine™ system to Get. It. Done. with your PMO or to build out your Project Management or Change Management Capability


When you need to figure out where to start.


We perform a thorough evaluation of your organization’s PMO capabilities
and design a customized plan with a roadmap to meet both short and long-term
objectives, and identify opportunities for improvement. 

This option is great for the do it yourself team that needs help designing the evolution roadmap or when you want to figure out what a maturity plan would entail specifically for your organization. 


When you know you need a PMO or PM capability to help you Get. It. Done.


A ground-up approach that includes defining the character for your PMO, the foundational capabilities necessary to operate effectively, and the talent needed to bring the PMO to life.


When you want to take your PMO or PM capability to the next level of maturity.


Designed for organizations ready to take their PMO or Strategic Office to the next level of capability maturation, or evolve their organization to meet new business demands.


When expected results aren't being realized.


Is your organization struggling to generate real and sustainable business value from their PMO? We will put your PMO back on track and deliver undeniable and invaluable results.

Typical Client Results Include

  • A strong and well-managed project portfolio of initiatives with clear focus and alignment with strategic objectives such that the most important organizational priorities receive the highest level of attention, resources, and support

  • The ability to more proactively and accurately define and measure return on investment for all initiatives undertaken by the organization to support best project prioritization

  • Greater transparency to project progress, allowing real-time adjustments to keep the entire portfolio aligned with the corporate strategic direction

  • A higher level of Project Management competency development for all staff, leveraging the techniques and tools implemented to improve performance on all operational and project work, increasing overall staff efficiency

  • The ability to have higher capacity for project throughput, allowing the opportunity to take on additional improvement initiatives throughout the year

  • The ability to have more insight and control over vendor project engagements to improve quality and cost

  • The ability to more proactively manage time and cost of project work, ensuring best leverage of internal resources at reduced cost and with greater project throughput

  • Faster and highest quality delivery of initiatives targeting member benefits, increasing overall member value

  • Development and fostering of a collaborative project management culture in the organization to support effective decision making and more holistic project outcomes

  • Greater efficiency in project and portfolio management, as well as increased effectiveness in collaboration and communication facilitated by the implementation of a suite of project management tools, templates, and resources

  • Stronger and more informed decision making as a result of having a reliable project management and PPM process

  • BONUS: Ensured sustainability of the organization specific project management practices through the IMPACT by Laura membership site filled with training, templates, tools, resources, and videos accessible by all staff

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