Get Your PMO Right the First Time

(Or get it back on track fast!)

As a PMO leader, you already know how important a PMO can be to an organization. Yet we all know too many stories of PMOs with average, or worse, failing results.

Why are there so many PMOs struggling to survive?

If we take too long to show value, we run the risk of our PMO landing on the chopping block next budget season.

Business leaders want to see instant IMPACT and clear return on investment. You can’t take a year or more to build things that we think the business needs.

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place.

Do you…

  • need to build a PMO, but you aren’t sure where to start?

  • want to up-level your PMO to meet changing business needs?

  • get your PMO back on track ASAP?

  • want to go at your own pace and still have a partner by your side?


Curious what your peers think of the IMPACT Engine PMO program?

Push play!

This step-by-step and self-paced course will help you build a strong and sustainable PMO from the start or take your PMO to the next level of IMPACT.

Learn the exact same system I use with my clients to create a PMO that your business leaders are craving and ensure that your PMO continues to evolve and sustain even when the “priorities shift” in your organization.


Laura helped us build project management capacity and deliver important change at a critical time in the evolution of our organization. The results exceeded our expectations and enabled us to accelerate progress towards our goals. Best of all, we are now more self-sufficient with respect to all aspects of portfolio and project management.

Joel Albizo, FASAE, CAE CEO, CEO

What’s inside this course:

This program guides you through every step of the process whether you are building your first PMO or trying to accelerate your PMO performance. We’re with you from the very beginning through evolution and sustainability, even when “priorities shift” in your organization.

PLUS all of these Bonuses:


The choice is yours…

You can try going it alone.

You can gather all the books and research on what others have done, pouring through the different approaches, techniques, and what will feel like mountains of conflicting information. Time will go by and your leaders will get restless wondering when the PMO will finally make an IMPACT.

Hire a pricey consultant.

You can beg your boss for an expensive consultant that will come in and build the PMO for you, but this program is the exact framework I apply with my clients and we get amazing results for 5 and 6 figure price tags. I‘ve seen too many other consultants claim experience they don’t have, do the bait and switch from sales to onsite team, leave you with a solution that isn’t sustainable, or try to sell you on ongoing consulting fees that can get ridiculous!

Or you can invest in yourself

…and have a partner to go on this journey with you.

It’s not an easy time for PMOs. Even in the best of cultures, and with plenty of funding, you will face challenges you didn’t expect.

So what do you do to make sure you make the most of the one chance you are being given to get this right?

Investing in yourself means I’ll be there with you every step of the way. You’ll be leveraging the same system and techniques applied to REAL WORLD PMOs over the last 21 years. Essentially, you’re getting access to all the knowledge and guidance that makes me a six figure consultant for less than a single paycheck.

The IMPACT Engine™ PMO Path

With the harsh reality that nearly 50% of PMOs fail, it’s easy to see why so many business leaders struggle to understand the value of PMOs – and why they are so quick to pull the plug on them.

As a PMO leader, your job is tied to the IMPACT your PMO delivers.

What if you had a way to build a successful PMO that was treated as an integral part of the organization?

That’s exactly what I’m offering with IMPACT Engine PMO.

This isn’t an investment in a course – it’s an investment in your future…all for less than a single paycheck!

A system based on experience

The IMPACT Engine™ PMO System works. Period.

How do I know? This system is based on 20 years of direct, hands-on experience building, growing, managing, rescuing, and transforming PMOs with 15 of those year directly IN YOUR SHOES as an employee.


I love the coaching aspect and wanted to get more insights from this opportunity to broaden my perspective. I have applied several techniques, specifically when dealing with my sponsor. This course took me to the NEXT LEVEL and now I’m much more prepared when dealing with working teams and senior leadership. Thank you!

Valynn Westfall, PMP, Program Director

Start showing an IMPACT right away!

Students are increasing credibility and value after applying the teachings in the very first module! Get results quickly and get your PMO delivering an IMPACT!


What’s Inside the Course

We’ll take you step by step through each building block from laying the foundation to ensuring sustainability.

Module 1: Set a Solid Foundation and Mindset for PMO Stability

  1. Learn the best approach for establishing a PMO that can show value quickly
  2. Begin the mindset shifts you must make in order to prepare for the PMO journey
  3. Establish the working methods that will be necessary for the road ahead
  4. Learn the pitfalls that so many PMO leaders fall into and how to avoid them

What you’ll create:

  1. PMO Framework and Foundation workbook

Module 2: Assess Organization for IMPACT Opportunities

  1. Build your coalition of support by exploring opportunities to deliver IMPACT
  2. Learn how to engage executives and sponsors and how to speak their language to ensure you have their attention
  3. Develop a compelling PMO purpose by exploring the “why” for your PMO
  4. Craft a winning PMO proposal that incites action and excitement

What you’ll create:

  1. Assessments of culture, organization, team, and self to understand where you are starting
  2. Interview and survey collection
  3. Conduct a series of organizational, team, cultural and personal assessments to understand your current state

Module 3: Define Your IMPACT Delivery Model

  1.  Confidently determine the best fit services for your organization’s needs
  2. Establish a right-sized governance model to oversee your IMPACT creation
  3. Determine and hire the best PMO talent to achieve your mission
  4. Establish the most efficient processes to achieve your desired outcomes
  5. Build the best templates and tools to enable productivity
  6. Develop metrics that will tell the story of how your PMO is delivering IMPACT

What you’ll create:

  1. Craft a winning PMO proposal to begin your journey
  2. Develop a set of recommendations for your delivery proposal
  3. Create your PMO services menu
  4. Build your PMO governance model
  5. Define your PMO talent requirements
  6. Establish your PMO tools and process

Module 4: Plan Your PMO Capability Delivery Road Map

  1. Build your PMO business plan to set expectations on PMO IMPACT
  2. Establish your PMO maturity framework
  3. Develop your PMO road map of capability delivery
  4. Leverage and report metrics that matter
  5. Confidently communicate your PMO proposal and plan

What you’ll create:

  1. Build your business plan to set expectations
  2. Document your PMO proposal
  3. Create your PMO services delivery road map
  4. Layout your PMO maturity model
  5. Establish your PMO metrics framework

Module 5: Deliver Continuously High Return on Investment

  1. Understand how to incorporate smart organizational change management techniques
  2. Establish a delivery-focused culture and mindset within the organization
  3. Learn how to adapt your management style to the change capability and culture
  4. Leverage smart marketing techniques to tell your success story
  5. Optimize your portfolio management to achieve optimal performance
  6. Use a thoughtful iterative approach to services delivery

What you’ll create:

  1. Implement your organizational change management plan
  2. Implement your marketing plan
  3. Manage and monitor services delivery
  4. Conduct your 30/90 assessments

Module 6: Sustain and Evolve Your Thriving IMPACT Engine

  1. Evaluate PMO performance and progress to determine your next evolutionary step
  2. Evolve your PMO road map to suit the changing environment
  3. Transition to a strategy navigator for the organization through increased credibility
  4. Get ahead of the game: predict where your PMO should be next and get there before they ask

What you’ll create:

  1. Evolve your PMO services delivery road map
  2. Develop your strategy navigation system

Plus all of these bonuses!

EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION PACKAGE designed to guide the business leaders through the process (and keep them engaged) by giving you the resources you need to effectively communicate and win over even the toughest audiences, explain what they can expect as you go through the course and help you garner their support

FAST-FIX FOR CONFLICTING PRIORITIES training to optimize any project portfolio to get greater project throughput (even on your PMO projects)

HIGH-POWER PRIORITIZATION TOOL to help you capture and manage project demand, prioritize projects and pick a portfolio that optimizes the value you deliver to your organization

Add group coaching with Laura to accelerate your IMPACT!

Throughout your learning program, we will have group coaching calls where Laura will answer all of your questions and even review materials and examples to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed! You’ll also engage with Laura and your peers in the private student forum only for group coaching members!This is a great opportunity to learn from your peers, share ideas and insights, and talk (and hear) about challenges you may hit along the way. This option allows you to leverage each other’s insights to enhance your own learning.Get the support you need to learn and apply the program with a small group of your peers.You’ll have access to all live and recording group coaching sessions plus live and recorded private kick start and strategically timed consulting sessions with Laura Barnard, your PMO IMPACT Consultant.Group Coaching option, you will:

  1. remove overwhelm by going through the program together with a cohort of your peers
  2. build confidence that you are on the right track by getting all of your PMO and course questions answered by Laura on regular video calls
  3. learn how your peers are applying the techniques and addressing roadblocks in our private forum
  4. build PMO capability that is right for your organization while getting just in time feedback from me on your coursework and specific PMO deliverables
  5. collaborate with other PMO leaders/students from around the globe in a virtual format

Program includes:

  1. Entire IMPACT Engine PMO training program
  2. IMPACT PMO Playbook
  3. Every quarter you’ll receive 1 private one-on-one session with Laura
  4. Every month you’ll receive:
    1. A live group coaching meetings with Laura (with recordings for later viewing)
    2. A spotlight training sessions on key topics (with recordings for later viewing)
    3. Access to the IMPACT Inner Circle membership (newly updated for 2020)
  5. BONUS: 1 private one-on-one session the first month you sign up with Laura to kickstart your IEPMO training

Renews at $497  every quarter (once every 3 months or 4 times per year) – cancel any time.


Coaching begins with your first 6 months included then renews at $497 every 90 days.

All sessions are hosted by Laura Barnard, your PMO IMPACT Consultant and you’ll have access to all recordings after they occur.


I am in love with your program, website, training and PMO solution. I have the IMPACT acronym printed and posted at my desk.  This is exactly what I needed, and I can’t say thank you enough for providing this service.

P.S. As a bonus, I’ve reviewed the IMPACT content with my sponsor, and it looks like I’ll gain approval to have the organization pay for this course.  I can’t say enough great things about this program!

Jeff Davidson, MBA, PMP, LSSGB, Project Manager

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We want everyone to be beyond satisfied with the course – of course, you must actually do the course to know if you are. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.

If you do the full course work and don’t feel that it worked for you, submit it to our team within 30 days and we’ll promptly refund your course fee in full. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework before 11:59pm EST on the 29th day after your purchase, no refund will be issued.

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Got Questions?

Check out the answers to a few questions you might have and just contact us at if you don’t see your question answered here.

In a nutshell? How to embed real change in your PMO in 90 days by shifting your mindset, uncovering impact opportunities, defining your delivery model, developing a road map, delivering a high ROI, and building sustainability. But if you want to get into all the details, head back up to the WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN EACH MODULE section.

You can see the contents of the course in the What’s included in the course section.

That’s me, Laura Barnard. I built this course based on my 20 years of experience in your shoes as a PMO leader and now as a PMO consultant. I am sharing with you the same step-by-step system that I use with my clients that are getting transformational results with their PMOs at a fraction of the cost!

This is a self-study course and you get access to all of the content on day one if you do the full pay and you get it over a six month period if you do the monthly payment plan.

You can take the course at your own pace or follow our 90 day protocol.

You’ll receive an email with your login information and links to the platform as soon as you complete registration. Check your spam or junk folder and make sure to add PMO Strategies to your safe sender list.

The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to.

You aren’t buying a course, you are buying an outcome. The return on investment of the mindset shift you’ll achieve is enough to justify this course – but when you add in everything else you learn, the ROI is truly incredible.

Of course, I understand that having the actual cash flow to invest can be a little trickier. That’s why we offer a payment plan through PayPal or a monthly payment option.

Yes, we do!

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the course and naturally, we also expect you to give your very best effort to implementing the strategies. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.

If you find another program out there that was 100% built based on REAL WORLD experience building and running PMOs for more than two decades AND offers the kind of ongoing support even for the self-study plan, please let us know!! This course was designed to address a gap in high-IMPACT resources that get results. We don’t want you to go it alone like Laura did in the 90s when she build her first PMO.

Most importantly, if you do the work, you will get the results. This program works if you do the work.

We have a special program for organizations that would like to have more than one person participate in the program. In fact, we encourage your whole PMO team to participate! They need to learn what you are learning to help you grow and accelerate your PMO service delivery. If you would like to invite your PMO team members to the program, contact us at to get the special pricing.

We’re also happy to discuss discount options for those in government and non-profit sectors. Email us at to find out more.

If you are working as a consultant and plan to use these materials in multiple organizations, contact us at for special circumstances terms. We want to help you help your clients succeed, just like we do! In fact, we are developing special programs specifically to support those serving as consultants and coaches.

Absolutely! The deliverables you create for use inside your PMO are copyright free and available for you to use internally for your PMO. However, you cannot sell or distribute them beyond your organization.

We have a special program for organizations if you would like to invite your PMO team members to the program. Contact us at to get the special pricing.

If you are working as a consultant and plan to use these in multiple organizations, contact us at for special circumstances terms. We want to help you help your clients succeed, just like we do!

This course is priced per individual and it is against program licensing terms to share your login information or otherwise distribute the contents of the training program with the exception of the deliverables you are creating as a part of this course. We create all of your PMO deliverables together in this course, those will be distributed to all PMO stakeholders and are fully customizable.

However, we highly encourage all team members to take part in this program! After all, your team needs to be on the same page as you are shifting your mindset and building your PMO or transforming how the PMO delivers IMPACT. That’s why we have a special program for organizations. Contact us at to get the special pricing so all PMO team members can benefit from the program.

Just reach out!

Our team of customer care specialists are here to help if you run into tech problems, have a question about the program or just want to say hello. You can reach us by email at


If you choose the group coaching option, we will review your materials during the coaching sessions and Laura will provide you direct feedback on your particular materials.

If you choose the self-study option, we are unable to review all of your individual coursework.

No worries!

Just contact us at and we’ll help you determine which option is right for you.


Group coaching participants will have plenty of chances to get direct feedback from me on your particular PMO scenario and to answer any questions about the course or applying the techniques in your organization.

You may also request the option to upgrade to one-on-one coaching sessions (limited seats available) where Laura will dive deep with you to implement the what you’ve learned in your organization or help you with the many challenges that comes with bringing about change in an organization. Laura’s seen it all and can help save you from the headaches and frustration (and even the long nights)!