Need a payment plan for the program? 

We’ve got you covered! There are different options available based on your country. 

Make monthly payments and still access the full program now.

The IMPACT Engine System is normally a one-time purchase for lifetime access to the program. If you need a payment plan to pay for it over time, but still get access to the full program, you can use whichever pay later options are available based on your country.

The IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind program is already setup as a payment plan, so you’ll order that AFTER completing the IMPACT Engine System order.

Step 1: 

Order the IMPACT Engine System first.

Make sure you have NOTHING else in your cart. If the Mastermind is in your cart, you won’t see these options.

Click on the available payment option.

Then you must complete the application process to apply for the credit program. 

Step 2:

AFTER you have completed your IMPACT Engine System purchase, you can order the IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind Upgrade here to separately. You must have the IMPACT Engine System to join the Mastermind.

Once you’ve completed the first order, your cart should be empty.

Click the button below and add the Mastermind Upgrade to your cart.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We want everyone to be beyond satisfied with this implementation program – of course, you must actually do the work to know if it worked! That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the assignments and applied the teaching in your organization and that it did not work for you.