Change Management Simplified

Change Management Simplified

Includes lifetime access to our training program and an immediately applicable set of checklists, templates and tools that guide you through your change projects.

  • Change Management playbook of templates
  • Guided workbook to reinforce learning
  • Recording coaching calls to address student questions
  • 25+ hours of recorded training and associated lesson materials for 31+ PDUs/CEUs
  • Lifetime access to training materials and program

The Program Components:

Module 1: Plan for Change


  • Understand the importance of change management for any project
  • Learn how to recover if you started change management late in the game
  • Connect your business needs to the change and create a sense of urgency
  • Articulate the change value proposition
  • Avoid the mistakes most are making when creating change
  • Develop a change management strategy
  • Develop your charter and change management plan


  • Conduct a self-assessment to ensure you are prepared and ready to manage the change
  • Perform a sponsor assessment and communication strategy
  • Evaluate the culture and the level of change appetite internally
  • Review the organizational structure to determine how change efforts operate within the organization
  • Evaluate your stakeholders for change readiness and experience


  • Leverage project management techniques that will HELP you get the work done
  • Learn how to keep the change process as simple as possible and people as productive as possible
  • Understand the importance of preparing yourself to support the change
  • Set stakeholder expectations and hold them accountable (without getting fired)
  • Understand the role of culture in your change and how to work within the culture to get your change done

Module 2: Deliver the Change


  • Leverage techniques to enhance team engagement and influence outcome
  • Learn how to effectively handle change resistance and other change challenges with a solid change resistance handbook
  • Use the most effective communication strategies to keep stakeholders engaged (talking to them in their language)
  • Leverage change management techniques to drive effective engagement
  • Finding and creating change agents
  • Understand how to map your stakeholders and proactively manage them throughout the change lifecycle


  • Know what to focus on and how to focus so you can Get. It. Done.
  • Adapt your management style to your particular change environment
  • Understand the role of leadership and management in your role as change driver
  • Understand the role of consultants (to use or not to use)
  • Manage your change sponsor to drive change success


  • Understand the role of governance
  • Create the right KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure change IMPACT
  • Leverage our One Page Executive Dashboard to effectively monitor and communicate change progress

Module 3: Sustain the Change


  • Ensure that the change reaches a conclusion so you can start measuring change success
  • Conduct meaningful and high-IMPACTlessons learned meetings


  • Understand how to measure outcomes
  • Finally understand the difference between Earned Value Management (EVM) and IMPACT Management
  • Learn why EVM is NOT enough when it comes to evaluating performance
  • Conduct a change assessment leveraging our change scorecard


  • Learn how to continue to engage executives once the change is done
  • Understand the IMPACT of staying aligned with organizational strategy throughout the change
  • Reinforce the change through monitoring strategies that won’t drive people crazy!
  • Reinforce the change through monitoring strategies that won’t drive people crazy!
  • Teach sponsors their ongoing support role for after the change is implemented
  • Learn how to handle change resistance and reverting to the “old way”

High-IMPACT Fully Editable Templates and Resources

  • Worksheets to help you think through all of your change scenarios
  • Checklists to help guide you through the change management process
  • A full change proposal and change communications package
  • Our highly rated One Page Executive Dashboard
  • Templates to manage all aspects of the change lifecycle from change charter to a full suite of assessments and scorecards
  • Change Management Plan tool to build out your change plan today!

A Ton of Value-Packed Bonuses!

  • BONUS: Exclusive access to our full ebooks library of more than 60 change management and project management topics
  • BONUS: Access to the IMPACT Inner Circle to get your coaching questions answered
  • BONUS: Special bonus session specifically on how to TRAIN YOUR SPONSOR
  • BONUS: Access to a membership site of tools and resources to continue your development journey
  • BONUS: Access to a private mastermind group to continue the conversation
  • Plus, you will receive a certificate of course completion with PDU/CEU credit hours and PDU reporting instructions

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