• Accelerate Your PM Career Workshop

    Based on the highly-acclaimed Project Manager to IMPACT Driver Framework.
    Learn what it takes to stand out as a Program/Project Leader and create your 2020 career development plan. 
    This hands-on workshop will cover a pre-work assessment process, evaluation of your assessment results, and developing your 2020 Personal IMPACT Plan.
  • Don’t think you need an updated resume? Think again!  Why? Things change!  You don’t want to be caught off guard (and scrambling) when that dream job comes calling.  
  • An effective refresher and overview for creating effective and sustainable change using the successful “6 Effective and Sustainable Change Building Blocks” to map out a change strategy.  
  • Are you ready to stop “surviving” and start thriving in your organization? It’s time to transform our project management mindset and shift our focus to an IMPACT-driven culture.    
  • Great! So you have been charged with creating a PMO (or it’s time to take it to the next level). Where do you start? How do you garner the critical support necessary to ensure that your PMO can deliver IMPACT in a sustainable way? In this masterclass, we will walk through the steps necessary for developing a winning PMO proposal, creating that sense of urgency that compels leaders to act and address the barriers you are likely to face along the way. This is a must-attend for anyone serious about ensuring their PMO receives the necessary support to THRIVE  not just survive.
  • Is your PMO making an IMPACT for your organization?  Whether you are starting a PMO for the first time, trying to get your PMO back on track, or just want to ensure that your PMO is as high-IMPACT as possible, this presentation will get right to the heart of what metrics matter, how to talk about PMO value, and how to ensure that your PMO continues to drive IMPACT for the organization.
  • In this masterclass, you will learn the best techniques to ensuring your presentation hits all the most important points to drive decisions and action every time. You will learn tools to build your confidence as you prepare and give your presentation (and no, you don’t have picture everyone naked!) and impress your audience with your command of the knowledge and the way you are captivating the room. If you have ever dreaded a presentation or struggled with getting to the intended outcomes, this masterclass is just what you need!
  • Do you feel like your PMO is barely surviving?  Things might not be working out quite as expected with your PMO and it's time to get things back on track before your PMO gets shut down.
  • It’s time to stop talking about “PMO survival” and ensure that YOU and your PMO are THRIVING!  This system has been developed leveraging more than 20 years of research and application of the most important techniques that Laura has used to transform the careers of hundreds of project managers, enabling them to become an invaluable strategic asset that business leaders are fighting over.  
  • Leverage our tried and true best practices for training your sponsor! In this course, we will share practical and immediately applicable techniques to give you the tools you need to start using right away in your organization!    
  • One Page Executive Dashboard (4 PDUs)

    If you want to streamline your reports to provide simple and easy to understand documents to executives, then this course is for you!    
  • PMO Health Assessment and Planning Workshop

    Make the most out of 2020 by properly assessing the current state of your PMO and building a solid execution strategy to ensure your PMO is hitting all the biggest pain points of your stakeholders.
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  • Are you prepared for the future of PMOs? The pace of change is ever-increasing and we face new demands for our time and resources every day. There is a shift taking place with PMOs and organizational change and we need to understand what’s coming and prepare for that evolution. Join us to find out what you can do to get your PMO ready to evolve.  
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  • This TuneUp will focus on taking the IDEA through the project- portfolio review process to project approval as defined in the Project Management Life cycle Discovery and Initiation phases.        
  • This TuneUp will focus on the element of project benefit – how to identify, quantify, monitor, measure and report on benefits - from Discovery through Value.    
  • PMOs are the engine that drives strategy delivery and are responsible for enabling maximum throughput and the highest possible return on investment for the organization.
  • What are the fears that keep you up at night?  Please join me for a reality check and I will share with you some of the biggest mistakes PMO leaders are making that stand in the way of their success.  PLUS, I will show you how to completely avoid those scenarios, OR get back on track as fast as possible, before your PMO becomes a distant memory!  
  • IMPACT Engine Organization is a  proven system for turning your organization into an ROI generator, but YOU can be the ENGINE that generates IMPACT for the organization.