Accelerate Your PM Career Workshop


Accelerate Your PM Career Workshop

Based on the highly-acclaimed Project Manager to IMPACT Driver Framework.
Learn what it takes to stand out as a Program/Project Leader and create your 2020 career development plan. 

This hands-on workshop will cover a pre-work assessment process, evaluation of your assessment results, and developing your 2020 Personal IMPACT Plan.



Learn what it takes to stand out in the PM field and chart your path to increased career success, recognition, influence, and growth.

Together, we will:
  • Conduct a pre-workshop career assessment
  • Uncover blocks that are slowing down your progress
  • Determine the critical development areas for maximal IMPACT
  • Gain critical insights to aid leadership influence and presentation skills
  • Develop your 2020 career accelerator strategy
  • Create talking points to aid leadership discussions