A membership program to help you make a bigger IMPACT on every project!

Learn new skills, address your toughest challenges, and create a greater IMPACT with your PMO and projects with access to our problem-specific bite-sized training courses, templates, guides, and assessments.

Get all 60 PDUs in one place

(while elevating your skills, leadership, and influence)

PDU Training Courses

Earn PDUs across all 3 PMI Talent Triangle categories in our extensive library of 300+ targeted courses (large and small).

PDU Certificates and Transcript

Track your course progress on our downloadable student transcript and PDU certificates.

Project Management Framework

PMI-aligned IMPACT PM Framework with guidance on each project management step with templates for all projects.

Templates & Resources

Collection of easy to use templates for running projects and driving change with step-by-step guidance.


Robust library of 50+ downloadable PDF eBooks on topics across the full PM/PMO spectrum to help you drive greater IMPACT.

Online Assessments

Evaluate your team, culture, sponsor, stakeholders, and organizational structure to help you lead change more effectively.

Exclusive Discounts

As a member, access exclusive discounts on signature and deep dive programs to help you elevate your capability even more.

Loyalty Rewards

We reward action! Earn additional credits when you use your credits to take courses or access special content.

Tailored Experience

Follow a personalized learning plan based on your current pain points, growth areas, and long-term development goals.

We’ll help you realign your projects, team, and organization to drive high-value outcomes and provide you immediate actions, plans, and new solutions to your toughest challenges.


Like Netflix or Audible…

This is very similar to Netflix, Audible, or any other membership program that gives you access to content for a small monthly fee. We’re like Audible because you earn credits every month and can use them for more than 150 courses, templates, and resources. If you want more courses in a particular month, you can always add on more credits and use them toward courses, templates, and other resources.

but the IMPACT Inner Circle is even better because…

Once you use credits to access courses, they’re yours to keep! You don’t lose them if you cancel your subscription. The resources you’ve collected will stay in your account.

This really is a no-risk option for kick-starting your career acceleration journey!


Ooh my team has moved mountains. I focused, refocused then broadened my base at the lowest common denominator and now getting noticed for results. Thanks for reminding me in these sessions!

Valynn Westfall

Attended your training on the One Page Executive Dashboard. I enjoyed your training and the techniques to use in preparing and reporting to executives. I plan to use your ideas in managing my program meetings and reporting status updates.

Deborah Sedbrook

I found this course enabled me to present the top issues and risks in a short concise method. The leadership (C-Level) that I present to every Monday have been able to review this doc and to better tune it to their satisfaction and varied needs. I would recommend this to not only those who are responsible for dashboards but to everyone who wants a quick project progress visual report for themselves.

Jerry Foley


$497 / YEAR

Cancel anytime.


I wish I had me when I was you…

My passion is helping others, especially those that are in the same position I was in as a PMO and change leader for 17 years for companies of all sizes and across industries. It took me nearly two decades to gather all of the best practices that really worked, build a set of templates that were lean and effective, and refine a methodology that actually went beyond the triple constraint to truly measure IMPACT.

Now, 25 years after I experienced my first big organizational change, companies are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for me to bring them my expertise, guide them through the project management and PMO process, and help them deliver high-IMPACT value-driven outcomes on their projects. But that doesn’t work for the rest of us…those of us that are personally taking charge of our careers.

That’s where this membership site comes in.

I am bringing you the same resources that I use with all of my clients, from those I coach privately to the large corporations that are looking to Get. It. Done., but at a fraction of the price.

I can’t wait to see you inside the IMPACT Inner Circle.


Laura Barnard, your IMPACT Driver coach

Questions? We’ve got answers

Only you are in charge of your career.

Your company may or may not provide you with resources to support you, but you will need to decide the importance of your success in your current role and the role you would like to grow into next. You must be your own advocate for your career.  I’ve had many private coaching clients paying thousands of dollars for access to this same guidance and support and private organizations paying well into the hundreds of thousands for access to me, my training programs, guidance, and resources that I’m now offering to the public. For about the cost of that cup of coffee at the corner coffee shop, you can have access to all of the resources you need to help you deliver high-IMPACT value outcomes on your projects.

Absolutely. You can cancel at any time. Please review our terms of service for the membership program. Note that you must go into your account and follow the steps to cancel the subscription.


The PMI “Approved for PDUs” Myth:

Training courses do not need to be “PMI approved” in order to count toward your PDU requirements for certification or recertification. PMI recently made changes that made it much simpler to report PDUs for all training courses, regardless of whether or not an instructor has paid the $7500-$10,000 a year to be listed in the CCRS course drop down. Simply follow the instructions inside the membership area to collect your PDUs.

The terms and conditions are on the Terms of Service page.

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The refund terms are on the Terms of Service page. Like all memberships, when you cancel your membership during a cycle, you retain access through the current monthly or annual cycle.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our care team and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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