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PMI Talent Triangle: Ways of Working

Hey, IMPACT Driver!
Do your project teams ever feel like they’re wandering aimlessly without a map? Do misaligned expectations lead to disappointment in the project outcome? Our next podcast guest and my dear friend, Dawn Mahan, is here to help!
Dawn’s new book Meet the Players in Projectland®: Decide the Right Project Roles & Get People On Board breaks down the unique dynamics of “Projectland” – where cross-functional teams come together for a temporary endeavor. Her insights equip project leaders with clarity around role expectations to set their teams up for success. 
In this episode, Dawn shares practical tips like:
  • How to get buy-in from execs to front-line
  • Defining clear responsibilities for project sponsors & teams
  • Ensuring no role feels like an “extra” player

With Dawn as our travel guide through Projectland, you’ll discover how to align your team around a common mission to bridge gaps and achieve collective wins.

Be sure to check out this episode and learn more about Dawn’s book for more role clarity essentials your project people need today. Enjoy!
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