Learn the latest techniques to elevate your PMO

Roll up your sleeves and work on your specific PMO improvements with our experts who will guide you on a journey to build and run a high-IMPACT PMO that delivers immediate stakeholder value and garners the necessary executive support to thrive.

Business Driven PMO with Mark Price Perry

Learn why creating a business-focused PMO will skyrocket your PMO success. Walk through the critical foundational building blocks necessary to create a PMO that will be cherished by your leadership team.

Strategic Portfolio with Andy Jordan 

Understand how world class organizations put the portfolio first in their planning process how that drives results.  Gain practical insight into how to make it work in your organization to create effective strategy delivery.

Making the Portfolio Flow with Michael Hannan

Learn the industry leading techniques to apply very simple, yet powerful flow-maximization principles to accelerate the delivery of desired results proven to generate dramatic jumps in portfolio performance.

Attaining Strategic Project Intelligenct with John Bowen and Dave Smith

Learn how to best incorporate required information to maximize the success of both individual and portfolios of projects through the automation of management information discovery. John will share strategy and Dave will outline putting this into practice and case study review.

Agile PMO with Jesse Fewell

Learn a thoughtful approach to incorporating Agile techniques into your PMO, work seamlessly with Agile teams to deliver higher organizational value and drive even greater project excellence in your organization.

Making it Real with Laura Barnard

Create your IMPACT Delivery road map that addresses the likely hurdles that will come your way as you take what you’ve learned and apply it to your PMO. Gain the confidence to have the crucial conversations back at the office to make this plan a reality.