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PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership)

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 

This week, I’m bringing you the last of three success stories from IMPACT Engine System students who shared the secrets to their success at this year’s IMPACT Summit.

Mike Welch had no experience as a project manager and had never led a PMO when I met him two years ago. Now, he runs the Strategy Delivery Office for his organization and was featured in Associations Now magazine for driving success through a more disciplined approach to projects.

Mike shares his biggest challenges, his ah-ha! moments, and the keys to his success as a new PMO leader.

Mike Welch is one of many IMPACT Engine System and IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind program participants that spoke at this year’s summit. We are incredibly proud of him and thrilled to share his story! Is next year’s summit a chance for you to share your story, IMPACT Driver?



P.S. You can connect with Mike here

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