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PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership)

Hey, IMPACT Driver!  

Today we’re getting real about how hard it is to do the work all of you do as IMPACT Drivers.  

We’re looking at why being a PMO leader can be so challenging and often takes every ounce of effort and resilience to create a meaningful, sustainable impact within your organization.  

But don’t worry! I’ve got great news.  

You’re also going to learn ways that you can turn hard work, stress, and even disappointments into a new way of living where everything flows smoothly, energy is unleashed, and opportunities to shine unfold before your eyes. 
With over 35 years working internationally in Strategy, Digital Transformation, and PMO, Gilly Kennedy knows first-hand the pressures that can be experienced in this type of setting whilst struggling with life challenges along the way. Following a period of relentless adversity, she achieved a remarkable transformation and successfully created a life with more purpose, balance, fulfillment, and enjoyment. She now dedicates her time to helping tired, busy professionals do the same by making a pivot to what she calls “joyful living.”

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