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PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership)

Hey, IMPACT Driver!  

Last week, we talked about checking your ego and letting go of the need to be right so that you can achieve the big business results you’re trying to achieve WITH and THROUGH others, instead of doing things TO others…
Now this week, I want to talk about another aspect of self-reflection that will really help boost your impact in leading others through change.
Have you ever felt so stressed, like the walls were closing in on you and causing you to lose sight of the bigger picture?
In your desire to achieve big business results and help others, you may sometimes let things blow up to feel much bigger than they really are.
This can cause you to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the mess you’re in, further preventing you from keeping your eye on the prize.
But the truth is, you have everything you need to navigate your path toward boosting your IMPACT.
So let me shine a little light and guide your way in leading others through change!
Tune into this week’s episode as I walk through how to “check your darts” and why this expression I so thoughtfully stole from my husband has made all the difference in my own problem-solving.
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Laura Barnard