How to Rescue Your PMO FAST

Accelerate your PMO IMPACT and earn your seat at the table.

Do you feel like your PMO is barely surviving?

Things might not be working out quite as expected with your PMO and it’s time to get things back on track before your PMO gets shut down OR you may not even know how your stakeholders REALLY feel about your PMO and that could be dangerous.

This is a must-attend for anyone serious about ensuring their PMO receives the necessary support to THRIVE not just survive.

If any of this sounds familiar, please join me for some fast fixes that will get your PMO humming in no time!

  • Your executives don’t engage with your PMO 
  • Project Management is seen as admin work
  • Staff go running when the PMO comes around
  • The PMO is treated like the Gestapo 
  • Projects are consistently underperforming
  • People don’t want to follow the PMO process
  • You’re having trouble getting executive buy-in or funding
  • You need to earn your PMO a seat at the strategy table

Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the training and claim 1 PDU.


2021-2022 Top Global PMO Thought Leader
Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Consultant
Founder and CEO, PMO Strategies
Founder and President, Project Management for Change, 501(c)(3) nonprofit
Speaking Bio

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organizations effectively leverage their resources to deliver superior and sustainable IMPACT and bring their PMOs to the strategy table.

Those that know me, know that I’m incredibly passionate about helping individuals and organizations effectively leverage their resources and develop their own capabilities to deliver superior and sustainable results consistently, driving ever higher return on investment. I really don’t stop until we have, together, transformed you, your team and your organization into an IMPACT Engine™.

For more than two decades, I’ve been helping business leaders in a broad range of organizations, from nonprofits to global financial institutions, get the results they crave. It’s all about combining my years of experience applying battle-testing techniques in the PMO and Change Management space with my passion for helping people get things done.

That’s what it’s all about…

Many times we talk about the PMO or project management as the outcome and it’s not. The business changes we are creating are the real IMPACT we make when we build a PMO or put in place project management practices. Remembering that is the key to our success!

In 2021, I was named the Global PMO influencer of the Year, the only award of its kind in the world, by the PMO Global Alliance. This award tells me that we’re doing the right things and our efforts to shake up this industry and the way the world sees and values the PMO is working!

I welcome you to check out our popular PMO Strategies Podcast to learn the game-changing techniques that are transforming the industry.

I’m looking forward to helping you make a bigger IMPACT, my friend!

Here’s what recent training attendees had to say:

This is by far one of the best webinars I’ve ever attended!

Thank you, Laura. I have been following your PMO Strategies content for a while now and today was like a mini MBA in setting up, sustaining & creating / delivering value with a PMO. Absolutely loved it.

Thank you for such valuable free training! You’ve changed the way I think about the PMO and now I know exactly what I need to do to make a big impact.