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Learn why the role of the PMO is now more than ever a crucial function in this time of chaos. 

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In times of crisis, many business leaders will underestimate the role a PMO can play in driving just-in-time business decisions that are critical when companies need to respond and adapt to increasingly uncertain market conditions. The role of the PMO is now more than ever a crucial function that is well-positioned to arm business leaders with the information and resources to guide the going-forward strategy that must be defined as quickly as the environment is shifting.

In some organizations, PMO leaders have found themselves in a reactionary state trying to respond to ad hoc questions, while other PMO leaders are being completely left out of the conversation by business leaders that are not clear on the best way to properly engage a PMO to help drive critical business decisions. In times of crisis, as well as during business as usual, PMO leaders have an opportunity to engage their organizations by bringing valuable insight to the table during the inevitable fast-paced decision-making process taking place in most organizations today.

In this podcast episode, we’ll arm PMO and business leaders with a fresh approach to leveraging the power of a PMO to solve immediate and long-term business problems facing organizations.

Check out this week’s podcast episode to learn:

  • the new VUCA reality and what to expect going forward
  • the opportunity being presented for PMOs right now
  • what you’ll need to let go of to move forward
  • the role of agility in leading your organization now
  • the concept of the Strategy Navigator role for PMOs
  • the key actions to take to proactively pivot the PMO

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