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PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management)

Learn how this PMO has been successfully running a 260 million dollar portfolio of projects while working from home long before the pandemic. 
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OK, let’s dive into the episode!
We’re continuing our series of episodes on ways you can manage projects and your PMO more effectively during chaos and this week’s focus is on managing your teams. How do we take care of our people during this challenging time? We received dozens of questions about working from home effectively and how to engage your team members when everyone (or mostly everyone) is working remotely. For some organizations, working remotely is “business as usual” and for others, they are finding new challenges adjusting to the distance from their teams and the inability to connect in-person on a regular basis. When I think about people that do this well, one of my client’s CDW, comes to mind. The fantastic team at CDW that I’ve been working with has mastered the art of creating connections and keeping themselves and teams productive while working from their homes on a regular basis. Today, you’ll meet PMO Director, Erick Means, from CDW. Erick and his team of 150 project managers responsible for 260 million dollars in services that generates a 2.5 billion dollar portfolio of product revenue for CDW. Erick is going to share their best tips and creative ideas for creating that work from home balance, keeping yourself and your teams productive, and adjusting and adapting to working from home.

Check out this week’s podcast episode to learn:

  • how to shift to working from home part- or full-time
  • how to find balance even when you’re a hard charger
  • ways to connect and engage with your team
  • creative ideas for team building
  • keeping your teams productive
  • the secrets to mastering working from home
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