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Hear ways to engage with business leaders about how the PMO can bring order to the chaotic times.
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Show Notes:

Hey there, IMPACT Driver!

Starting the Conversation

Last week we talked about the critical pivot many PMOs will need to make to not just stay relevant but truly earn that seat at the table during the current ultra-VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) environment we’re living in today AND thrive once we reach our “new normal” state in our organizations.

The next step is to engage in a proactive dialog with business leaders about how the PMO can bring order to the chaotic times. In some organizations, this will happen organically because the business leaders are already engaged in conversations with the PMO on a regular basis. For others, the PMO must initiate these conversations and show how they can contribute to solving the business challenges facing executives in chaotic times. In organizations where the business leaders are not inclined to include the PMO at the table, the PMO leader cannot wait for that tap on the shoulder to get involved.

Check out this week’s podcast episode to learn:

  • the four-step process to winning leadership support
  • how to listen for and express the business need
  • what to say (and not say) about your proposed solution
  • the most important words your leaders need to hear
  • how to express the IMPACT your solution will make

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