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PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen

Hey, IMPACT Driver!

Have you ever considered starting your own business?

In this week’s revealing episode, I’m sharing things I’ve never shared before on the podcast about why I started my company over a decade ago.

I am taking you behind the curtain and sharing:

  • The unexpected moment 12 years ago that triggered me to take the entrepreneurial leap
  • The services we’ve built within my business and how it’s evolved over time
  • Advice I really wish I had when I first started out


So if you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, currently run a small business, or might someday be interested in consulting, coaching, or training, this episode is for you.

I was exactly like many listeners today – happy in my corporate job with ZERO intentions of ever becoming a business owner. But when an opportunity presented itself, something clicked, and I knew I had to take the risk.

Even if entrepreneurship seems unfathomable now, tuck this advice away for “someday.” You never know what might change or inspire you when you least expect it!

Listen now to learn what I wish I had known when I started ten years ago. It might just save you a lot of time and money!


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Laura Barnard