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PMI Talent Triangle:   Power Skills

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 
Who wouldn’t love a little mind-reading prowess at work, right? 😉 It’d be a game-changer! 
For project and PMO people, truly getting to what executives really want (beyond what they say) can feel like a puzzle.  
But guess what? Our guest, IMPACT Summit speaker Alex Chapman, has some mind-blowing insights to help you unlock this skill! 
With over 40 years of project mastery, Alex has honed her “mind-reading” techniques, starting with asking the right questions. Not only will this turbocharge your PMO’s alignment with the big goals, but it’ll also set the stage for more meaningful conversations and showcase the immense value you bring to the table. 
Ready to dive in and start delivering the results they’re craving? Join me in this episode! 
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