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PMI Talent Triangle:   Business Acumen

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In the world of project management, women have faced uphill battles when trying to shatter glass ceilings and earn their seat at the leadership table.  
What does it take to overcome challenges and excel as leaders of PMOs?  
Yes, this is for you even if you aren’t a woman. 🙂 If you’re smart, you’re looking for ways to support everyone around you because you’ll go a lot further together than you can alone.  
We all need to be mindful of how to create a culture of inclusivity, so the best ideas are driving the future of your organization.  
In this inspiring discussion, you will meet IMPACT Summit speaker Dr. Mona Zoughaib.
Mona will share how she navigated barriers to drive success in this field. From trials and triumphs to resilience and empowerment, we will uncover the strategies and mindsets helping all PMO people ascend to new heights.  
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