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PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management)

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 

If you’re a freelance or consultant PM/PMO professional, or thinking of becoming one, you do not want to miss this episode. The truth is that you’re up against much larger and more established consulting firms and it can be difficult to get big contracts and ideal clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth.  

Trust me, I’ve been there.   

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Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Candice Benson, IMPACT Summit Speaker and CEO of Benson Consulting Inc., will share with us her 3-step, tried-and-true framework that will help you bring in consistent, repeatable revenue in your business and avoid the “feast-or-famine” cycle that plagues so many freelancers and consultants.   

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Join us for this episode to learn how you can give your project management business the boost it needs to consistently land bigger contracts.  


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