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PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management)

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 
I have a question for you: were you prepared for AI, inflation, and a pandemic all at once? It seems like things are changing faster than we can keep up with! What will the world throw at us next?  
We’re moving into a world of increasing uncertainty. As a PMO leader, you need the skills and tools to not just keep up with the times, but to take full advantage of what’s to come.   
This week, I am absolutely thrilled to welcome IMPACT Summit speaker Jonathan Brill to the podcast. Brill and I discuss not only how to prepare for the future, but also how you can use strategic foresight to leverage inevitable change and stay ahead of the curve. 
Jonathan Brill is an expert on strategic foresight and technology innovation, an accomplished author, and “the world’s leading transformation architect,” according to the Harvard Business Review. His warm style, compelling stories, and intellectual rigor inspire visionaries and open even the most hard-boiled executives to new ways of thinking and doing. 
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Join me for this episode to learn from Forbes’ #1 futurist how YOU can architect your future in the age of AI and increasing uncertainty.   
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