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PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership)

Hey, IMPACT Driver! 
Have you ever dreamed about taking some real time off to hit that reset button? 
What would it look like to… 
✔️ wash your stress away? 
✔️ redefine yourself? 
✔️ reinvent yourself? 
✔️ get real rest and recovery? 
…and I already know what you’re thinking…that’s impossible!  
Well, maybe…or maybe we can get creative and be sure not to miss any hidden opportunities. 
My guest today, Susanne Madsen, has taken more than one long break, as have I, even back in the employee days. 
We’ll share with you some creative ways to take a break when you really need it and the benefits of doing so.  

Susanne is an internationally recognized leadership coach, mentor, and author who helps project managers become better leaders in the workplace. She is also an award-winning author of The Power of Project Leadership, which is a must-read for everyone in the project management world. 

Join us for this episode so you can start exploring what might be possible for you to plan that break you know you so sorely need. 
Connect with Susanne! 
The Project Leadership Institute: https://www.theprojectleadershipinstitute.com 
The Power of Project Leadership: http://www.powerofprojectleadership.com 
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