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Have you ever tried to put process, templates, and tools in place to fix the project management challenges you are experiencing on your projects only to discover that you don’t get significant improvements? I mean, you should, right?

You were asked to setup a PMO or up level capabilities and your business leaders said that you needed to improve project management. You look around and you clearly see that the project process could use improvements, so you do what you were taught…you fix project management.

In episode 134, I explained why “fixing project management” doesn’t usually fix the underlying problems that are breaking the project delivery stage in the first place.

In this episode, we’ll cover why you:

  • hit so much resistance when implementing templates and process
  • don’t see major improvements when fixing the project delivery problems
  • make the situation worse when you put tools in place too early

And then we’ll talk about what to do instead…




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Laura Barnard