031: Are you making sure your PMO stays relevant?

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Show Notes:

Hey there, IMPACT Driver!

I hope you’re having a super productive and high-IMPACT January!

This week’s podcast episode will help you ensure your PMO or program you’re supporting continues to stay relevant. You don’t want to be caught solving last year’s business problem that’s no longer important to the business!

Check out this week’s podcast episode to learn:

  • why the key to PMO relevance is easier than you think
  • the mistakes PMO leaders make that lead to PMO avoidance
  • the secrets to staying relevant that your peers are using
  • my step-by-step assessment framework that guarantees success
  • the ways stakeholders will circumvent the PMO and how to stop it
  • where to spend your precious time and energy for the biggest IMPACT
  • where to get help with your PMO assessment and planning

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this week’s episode! 

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