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Building a PMO

Show real progress and value in the first 90 days

Up-level PMO

Show value quickly and build credibility and momentum

Rescue PMO

Gain stakeholder support while delivering results

Your PMO path…simplified

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This award is for you …

I recently received the award for 2021 Top Global PMO Influencer in large part to the contributions we’re making to elevate the profile of the PMO help thousands of PMO leaders build credibility, gain support, and deliver outstanding results in their organizations around the world.  To celebrate, we’re hosting our PMO Health Assessment workshop live to help you make this your highest IMPACT year ever!

Create the right PMO path

With the pace of change continuing to increase and business priorities shifting constantly, you need to get clear on exactly where you should focus, build stakeholder buy-in, increase your credibility and engagement with the PMO, and drive higher value on all projects.

I’ll help you do all of that in this workshop.

What we’ll do…

And then, we’ll build your next steps together…

PMO Strategies helped us build project management capacity and deliver important change at a critical time in the evolution of our organization. The results exceeded our expectations and enabled us to accelerate progress towards our goals. Best of all, we are now more self-sufficient with respect to all aspects of portfolio and project management.

Joel Albizo, FASAE, CAE , CEO

About me

I wish I had me when I was you…

Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organizations effectively leverage their resources to deliver superior and sustainable IMPACT through the PMO.

After 15 years building PMOs inside organizations, I shared so many of my lessons learned with peers and colleagues and found that I kept saying, “I wish I had me when I was you.” It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to help PMO leaders find easier ways to build, run, and rescue PMOs so that they can get and keep their seat at the table in helping their organizations delivery strategy.

Since 2013, PMO Strategies has served tens of thousands of PMO leaders around the world through our training programs, consulting practice, and tons of free resources. My mission is to make sure no PMO leader is left behind as we transform this industry, firmly position the PMO as the IMPACT Engine for organizations and help build the careers of PMO leaders globally.

You are why I do what I do…

To honor the progress we’re making in this movement, we’re hosting our PMO Health Assessment workshop for free. This program follows the same IMPACT Engine PMO framework that has helped thousands of PMO leaders achieve more than they ever thought possible with their PMOs, without all the headaches and frustration that can come without the proper road map and resources.

I’ve got you, my friend.

Let’s do this!