PMOs continue to be a highly sought after topic for team IMPACT. In the last Hot Topic, we covered what organizations want to know about PMOs, how to make them worth their time investment, and how PMOs can help achieve business outcomes. This week we are covering important aspects of PMO startup, including how to tell the PMO story, how to set one up, and the questions you must answer before starting a PMO.

PMO startup steps are critical in order to have a sustainable and effective PMO. Here is the information you need to get your PMO startup energized and kicked off  on the right track to drive IMPACT:

  1. Telling the PMO Story This article delivers on the importance of telling a compelling story of both pain and progress when giving updates on your PMO. This is especially important during PMO startup. This article includes 6 important areas to hit when telling the PMO story. Dive in on the blog here or join the conversation on LinkedIn here.
  2. 4 Questions to Ask When Starting a PMO Most want to dive head first into PMO startup with building templates, taking on an army of PMs, and starting projects. Let’s pull back on the excitement a little bit, and make sure you have these 4 foundational questions answered first. Find out what you need to be asking on the blog here or join the conversation on LinkedIn here.
  3. Why do PMOs exist? When your focus is on process, tools and best practices, your stakeholders are going to think of you and your team as “not real work.” Find out how to overcome this obstacle and drive business results on the  blog here or join the conversation on LinkedIn here.
  4. Don’t Boil the Ocean (when creating a PMO) Learn how to avoid over complicating things when starting a PMO. This article dives deep on the “KISS” principle of keeping it simple. Learn how to take on even complicated tasks without boiling the ocean on the blog here or join the conversation on LinkedIn here.
  5. Talking in Business Speak About PMO Value  Have you ever felt like you were just speaking a different language when trying to support the value of your PMO? This can be especially frustrated when you are in the PMO startup phase. Learn the importance of demonstrating the direct link between what it is doing and what the business side needs in order to get the job done. Read it on the blog here.
  6. What is a Business Driven PMO? Learn what it REALLY means to be a business driven PMO and how to serve the business and drive IMPACT through greater project throughput, process performance, capability improvement, cost savings, revenue generation, and more. Jump in on the blog here or join the conversation on LinkedIn here.

The PMO is a constantly evolving organization. It is critical to raise the energy level, answer the right questions, and speak the right language. Diving deep into this information will help you deliver IMPACT by starting small, showing real value quickly, and growing trust.

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