IMPACT Engine System™ Certification

PMO Strategies is pleased to offer our exclusive IMPACT Engine System™ Certification program designed to differentiate you from the broader strategy delivery community by showing a commitment to the profession and demonstrating experience in helping organizations achieve their business goals.

This certification program is designed for PMO, transformation, and strategy delivery professionals AND consultants that want to differentiate themselves from their peers in this industry with the only APPLIED certifications designed to validate what you’ve learned in a real world environment.

Ideal if you are in or consulting for these or similar business functions:

  • Program/Project Management Office
  • Strategy Delivery Office
  • Agile Transformation
  • Business Transformation

IMPACT Engine System™ Certifications

Ready to make moves?

Multi-level badges and certifications designed for practitioners, coaches, and consultants to differentiate you among your peers using our phenomenally successful IMPACT Engine System™.

Awarded to program participants who have completed the IMPACT Engine System™ implementation program.

Awarded to program participants who have completed the IMPACT Engine System™ optional case study exam.

Awarded to program participants who have completed 1 year in the IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™ group coaching program.

A certification awarded to to leaders working inside an organization in a PMO, strategy delivery office, or other business transformation function that have proven their ability to apply the IMPACT Engine System™ in a real world scenario.

A certification awarded to consultants and coaches advising or delivering strategy delivery services to other organizations that have proven their ability to apply the IMPACT Engine System™ in a real world scenario one or more times.


Join the IMPACT Engine System™ for badges one and two and the IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™ to achieve the certifications.

IMPACT Engine System™

A Program That Fuels Strategy Delivery IMPACT

Drive measurable value for your business. This is the only program of its kind that shows you exactly how to build, run, and elevate your strategy delivery organization so you can finally earn your seat at the table and make a big IMPACT. For over 25 years, our team has developed a unique system that always delivers.

IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™

Hands-On Support From Top Global Strategy Delivery Thought Leaders

Support your learning and meet the requirements for certification. Become a part of a group coaching and mastermind program designed to learn with your peers while you elevate your leadership capability – all while helping you get and keep a seat at the leadership table in your organization.

Questions? We’ve got answers

To help you build marketable skills that show real business value for your organization.

With these certifications on your LinkedIn profile and resume, hiring managers, employers, bosses, and customers will see that you have invested in your self-development so that you can become the strategic business partner they need to help them achieve their goals. See above for the descriptions of each certification.

Each badge and certification have a different level of requirement. In summary:

  • Badge: IMPACT Engine – Foundation – Complete IMPACT Engine System™ program
  • Badge: IMPACT Engine – Applied – Complete IMPACT Engine System™ Optional Case Study Exam
  • Badge: IMPACT Engine – Mastermind – Complete 1 Year in the IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™
  • Certification: IMPACT Engine – Leader – Completing the above badges plus contributions back to the IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™
  • Certification: IMPACT Engine – Consultant – Completing the above badges plus contributions back to the IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™, as well as an ongoing engagement requirement to support you as you apply the IMPACT Engine System™ with your clients (This level is eligible for being a paid PMO Strategies Success Coach.)
  • Certification: Complete IMPACT Driver™ program, case study exam, and complete 10 select targeted training programs in the IMPACT Inner Circle™ Membership

Until the end of 2024, the cost to become certified is only the cost of being in these programs for the above required time to achieve each badge and certification. In 2025, there will be a separate certification fee added to the overall program costs.

If you are thinking about joining these programs and getting certified, do it now!

Your enrollment by September 2024 guarantees no additional certification fee.

The certification exam is an online case study exam that you may take once and have one makeup attempt. You learn everything you need to know to pass the exam in the IMPACT Engine System™ foundation program.

The IMPACT Engine System™ certifications can be done in as little as a few months (with our accelerated plan we’ll walk you through) or up to a year based on the pace you are able to go through the requirements.

Yes, everything you learn in the IMPACT Engine System™ and the accompanying case study prepare you for the exam.

Just reach out!

Our team of customer care specialists are here to help if you run into tech problems, have a question about the program, or just want to say hello. You can contact us using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website. We’d love to say hello. 🙂

All the badges and certifications above are a one-time achievement except for the IMPACT Engine Consultant™ certification which requires annual reenrollment so that we can support you on an ongoing basis as you serve your clients.

These programs are not “cram and exam” type certifications that cost you time and money but don’t actually drive higher business value for your organization. We teach you how to deliver bigger results and differentiate yourself from your peers in this industry as a standout leader capability of driving the strategy delivery much faster with a much greater return on investment.

All three certifications come with hands-on guidance, training, and support to help you achieve and maintain the certifications. The badges are achieved as you go through each of the proceeding steps.

No worries!

You can contact us using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website and we’ll help you determine which option is right for you.