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Hi, IMPACT Driver! 

In my new book, The IMPACT Engine, I share a concept I learned from my friend, Stuart Easton, Co-Host for the IMPACT Summit, that will change the game for you if you want to address the real root cause of project failures (and unhappy executives). 

Even if you’ve heard Stuart and me discuss this before, something crucial came up during this recording that changed my perspective on this topic. It’s not enough to simply prioritize — you have to go deeper to achieve the necessary IMPACT. 

Curious about what I mean? Tune in to experience the same “ah ha” moment I did and transform your approach to prioritization. 

📌 Why Listen? 

Root Causes: Understand the real reasons why projects fail and how to address them. 

Prioritization Frameworks: Learn about the AHP method and other techniques to improve decision-making and align your leadership team. 

Practical Tips: Get actionable advice on engaging executives, setting strategic goals, and eliminating waste in your project portfolio. 

If you haven’t ordered your hard copy of The IMPACT Engine yet, now is the time! Pre-order today to get immediate access to the digital version, join a private workshop with me this year, and receive other exclusive goodies.


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