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Hi, IMPACT Driver! 

I have a secret for you. If you want to move the needle in your organization, you might be trying too hard to do the big visible things and not spending enough time doing the boring work.  

I was taking a Peloton class the other day, and the instructor said something that struck a chord: “Growth happens in the boring work.” This got me thinking about the work you are doing to support the delivery of your organization’s projects. 

We often get caught up in the excitement of new projects, implementing tools, or geeking out on our templates (this girl loves a good template!), but what if the key to true success lies elsewhere? What if real progress is made through the daily grind, the tasks that aren’t always glamorous but essential for building a strong foundation?  

In this podcast episode, I’m getting real with you on how the boring work can lead to significant advancements over time. Want to find out how?  

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Laura Barnard