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PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen (Strategic and Business Management)

Hey, IMPACT Driver!
Do your stakeholders really understand the value your PMO brings?
Recent research reveals a startling gap between how PMO leaders, executives, and project managers perceive the role and purpose of the PMO.
The stats:
  • Only 11% of executives said the PMO is responsible for business improvement
  • 0% of executives said the PMO handles governance and standards
  • 28% of PMO leaders define their role as reporting and tracking
  • …but 0% of executives see this as the PMO’s purpose
What does this misalignment mean? Your PMO’s influence and IMPACT suffer if stakeholders don’t understand your value.
Listen to the latest episode of the PMO Strategies podcast as I dive into these perception gaps and what you can do to better communicate the vital business IMPACT your PMO drives. You’ll get actionable steps to align stakeholder perceptions with the strategic value you provide.
The future of your PMO depends on stakeholder understanding. Don’t let misperceptions limit your influence!
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