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Align actions to strategy with a unique system + software that transform the way you make decisions.

Make the choice to elevate your IMPACT.
Start your IMPACT Engine + TransparentChoice journey today!

Your all-in-one solution to strategic planning, implementation, & evaluation!

What happens when these two powers are combined? You align your strategy WITH the organization’s needs, not the other way around.

  • Your organization’s priorities are clearly defined for the team
  • You gain buy-in from top executives on project selection and project outcomes
  • Your team gains key alignment of project selections to business goals
  • You have the knowledge and know-how to take action
  • You ensure transparency and control over the project pipeline
  • You identify and reduce waste associated with non-aligned projects
  • And most importantly… you are able to make the IMPACT you strive for

Teams perform better than people.

Streamline decision-making through transparency & ease.

Why Anette made the TransparentChoice

TransparentChoice Software

TransparentChoice software takes decades of proven decision science and makes it accessible for anyone.

Your organization’s most valuable assets don’t sit on your balance sheet. They sit on your chairs. We believe the key to winning in a knowledge-based economy is the knowledge of your people and that syndicating different perspectives delivers better outcomes than shouting on Zoom.

Our solution is designed to facilitate this collaboration, while reducing both Noise and Bias, delivering governance-friendly transparency and a quantifiable basis for rational decision-making.

Each year, hundreds of PMO and strategy delivery leaders join the journey to make a bigger IMPACT.

Now, it’s your turn.

A Program That Fuels Strategy Delivery IMPACT

Known as the IMPACT Engine System™, this is the only program of its kind that shows you exactly how to build, run, and elevate your strategy delivery organization so you can finally earn your seat at the table and make a big IMPACT. For over 25 years, our team has developed a unique system that always delivers.

Why Your IMPACT Matters

If you are building or running a PMO, Strategy Delivery Office, Agile or Business Transformation Office, your career depends upon understanding that in today’s results-driven world, it’s not enough to be good at your job — you need to be great at making an IMPACT. This program will help you drive measurable value for the business — so there’s no denying the clear-cut advantage you bring to the team.

Program and Membership Benefits

Lifetime IMPACT Engine System Program Access

Step-by-Step Strategy Delivery Framework

Real-World Expertise On-Demand

Case Study Workbook to Apply Each Technique 

40+ PDUs/CEUs for Training Portion

IMPACT Inner Circle Membership Program

Deliverable Support and Feedback

24x7 Access to Private Group Coaching Platform

Twice Monthly Group Q&A Coaching Sessions

Hot Topic Training by Industry Thought Leaders

PMO Strategies AI Chatbot with All Our Content

Learn and Grow with your PMO/Strategy Delivery Peers

Templates, Examples, and Case Studies from Students

Personal Leadership Development Planning

Accountability Resources to Ensure Progress

Certification Exam Preparation

Optional 1:1 Coaching Add-On w/ IES Certified Coach

IES Cycle Planning Templates

impact engine system™

$2,997 / one time

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

impact engine system™



$4,597 / then $597 qtr

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hi, there!

We’re Laura and Stuart, the Founders of PMO Strategies and Transparent Choice.

We became fast friends when we realized we shared a passion for helping organizations deliver their strategy more effectively and with much greater ease. We know the secret to success is a well-positioned and enabled IMPACT-driven PMO.

We’re on a mission to elevate the role of the PMO globally by providing an end-to-end solution that not only elevates you, as a PMO leader, but also gives you everything you need to lead your organization’s’ strategy delivery process and finally take your seat at the leadership table where you belong. 

Start your IMPACT Engine + TransparentChoice journey today!

Questions? We’ve got answers

In a nutshell? How to embed real change in your organization in 90 days by shifting your mindset, uncovering impact opportunities, defining your delivery model, developing a road map, delivering a high ROI, and building sustainability. But if you want to get into all the details, head back up to the WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN EACH STAGE section.

You can see the contents of the course in the What’s included in the course section.

Laura Barnard, Founder and Chief IMPACT Driver for PMO Strategies and Top Global PMO Influencer of the Year for 2021-2022. Laura built this entire program based on more than 25 years of experience in your shoes as a strategy delivery leader for 15 years then as a IMPACT Engine consultant, trainer and coach for a decade. This program is the same step-by-step system that we use with our clients that are getting transformational results with their organizations, but you get it at a fraction of the cost!

This is a self-paced online program you can take right from the comfort of your own home or office and go at your own pace.

We provide you with a 90-day planner that you can use to guide your progress and each step outlines how long the videos are and the minimum amount of time you should spend at each step working through the activities that accomplish each step in the process.

When you upgrade to select BOTH the IMPACT ENGINE SYSTEM™ and IMPACT ACCELERATOR MASTERMIND™, you will have the option to attend 2-3 meetings a month where you will experience live coaching, Q&A with your peers, and hot topic sessions over zoom meetings (with recordings available for later viewing).

You also have access to Laura and other coaches online in your private workspace on the coaching platform to send questions and ask them to review materials, as well as the entire coaching group with tons of additional support resources in the coaching portal.

As soon as you complete your purchase, the IMPACT ENGINE SYSTEM™ will be available to you inside your account.

If you also join the IMPACT ACCELERATOR MASTERMIND™, you will have access to that as soon as you sign the Non-Disclosure and Coaching Agreement signed by every participant to protect the identity and content covered in the sessions. We take the privacy of our students very seriously.

We have also created a phenomenal environment of kind and supportive participants from all over the world and want to maintain that culture of positive support in this group.

You’ll receive an email with your login information and links to the platform as soon as you complete registration. Check your spam or junk folder and make sure to add PMO Strategies to your safe sender list.

When deciding on the best route for your journey with the IMPACT Engine System™, there are two options.

Option 1: Purchase the IMPACT Engine System™ implementation program by itself for a one-time fee of $2997. This includes lifetime access to all of the templates, deliverables, and resources, as well as any program feature updates that occur in the future.

Option 2: Purchase the IMPACT Engine System™ implementation program + IMPACT Accelerator Mastermind™ group coaching with a first payment of $4597. This includes the implementation program, initial coaching program upgrade, and first 3 months of coaching subscription benefits (you can see a full benefits list here). After this initial payment, there is a subscription fee of $597 per quarter (the first of which would start 3 months from your time of purchase).

Note: With Option 2, you are not locked into any long-term commitment to the quarterly subscription. This can be canceled anytime, and you will still maintain lifetime access to the IMPACT Engine System™ implementation program. You will only lose access to the additional coaching program benefits once your final paid quarter is complete. Also, if you chose to rejoin the coaching group at any point, you will be locked in at the newest quarterly charge (pending any pricing changes by the time your new subscription begins).

The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to be in this program if you’re serious about building and running an organization that your business leaders NEED to help them accomplish their organizational strategy.

You aren’t buying a course, you are buying a full end-to-end system that not only drives the immediate desire of building or elevating your organization, but you’re also positioning yourself to elevate your own leadership capability and get noticed by your leaders. That’s the norm, not the exception in this program!

One of the most important aspects of this program is that we teach you to think, act, talk, and LEAD like a business leader. That means you’re quickly going to develop skills that help you earn a seat at the table in the most important conversations taking place in your leadership team. They need YOU and your team to help them solve business problems and we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

Step one is understanding the true value of your investments in your time, energy, and resources and this program will help you maximize the benefit you can see for the investment you make.

Of course, I understand that having the actual cash flow to invest can be a little trickier, especially if you’re paying for it out of pocket. That’s why we offer a payment plan through Paypal Credit.

Note: Many of our students get reimbursed by their business leaders once they’ve started showing how much value they are creating with what they’ve learned. We walk you through how to do this with student examples in the IMPACT ACCELERATOR MASTERMIND™ coaching program.

Yes, we do!

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the course and naturally, we also expect you to give your very best effort to implement the strategies we teach you, of which there will be TONS of guidance and support to walk you through exactly how to do just that. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the work and it did not work for you.

If you find another program out there that was built 100% based on REAL WORLD experience building and running an organization for more than twenty five years AND offers the kind of ongoing support even for the self-study plan, please let us know!!

This program was designed to address a gap in high-IMPACT resources that get results. We don’t want you to go it alone like Laura did in the 90s when she build her first PMO or struggle to find the right forward path with all of the conflicting advice she received over her 15 years inside organizations doing PMO, transformation, and strategy delivery work. Her mission is to make it easier for YOU than she ever had it.

Most importantly, if you do the work, you will get the results. This program works if you do the work.


We have participants that join after they “try to get settled” and then they find that they would have been so much better off with the resources we include in the program!

Every single one of them says they wish they’d found us sooner. Don’t let that be you!

We guide you through exactly what you need to do in those first 90 days in the role. We give you ever step-by-step and when you join BEFORE your first day on the job, you can get a head start in understanding how to hit the ground running – and have a 90 Day Plan to put in front of your boss day one!

Those first few weeks in the new role are critical.

You need to know who to talk to and what you should be asking and looking for in those first onboarding discussions and meet-and-greet conversations. First impressions are important! AND there are resources in Step 1 and Step 2 you will want to have to go through this process. Step 1 will help you get very clear on why your organization is there and Step 2 will help you uncover exactly what you should focus on first to build credibility and momentum quickly.

Remember, by the time they put you in this role, they have already been dealing with challenges or pain points they want addressed for months or years and so you are already behind the eight ball on day one. Annoying, but true.

Yes, absolutely! It’s all self-paced.

We give you a 90 day plan to get through all the meetings, collect the inputs, conduct the analysis, define the services, plan out the road map for the coming year (or two), and start delivering. If you use our planner, you’re delivering your first services in week 9!

Or you can pace it out slower to give you more time to work through the content. The program is yours to keep forever, even when we make updates, so you have it to use as many times and when you need it.

This is not something you do in addition to your job on nights and weekends.


You will learn what to do, in what order, why it matters, how to do it, and you’ll be given the resources to apply to your own situation. You’ll have everything you need to do this job well. Why go the hard way when we’ve created this whole system FOR YOU so you can get better results much faster and easier?

This program takes you step-by-step through what to do, in what order, why it matters, how to do it, and then gives you the resources to do it – at your own pace so there’s no overwhelm or going too fast or not having time to do it all.

Right at the beginning of the program, you’ll access your 90 Day Planner so you can lay out a realistic plan that not only ensures your success but helps you save tons of time wondering what to do, keeps you from making unnecessary mistakes, and ensures you’re on the right track for YOUR particular situation.

Absolutely! The deliverables you create using our templates inside your organization are copyright free and available for you to use internally for your organization. However, you cannot sell or distribute them beyond your organization.

If you are working as a consultant and plan to use these in multiple organizations, contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website for special details about how we can give you all the support you need to be successful in supporting your clients.

We want to help you help your clients succeed, just like we do!

Plus, make sure you check out our new certification program because we have a level JUST FOR YOU so you can get ongoing support as you work with your clients.

Just reach out!

Our team of customer care specialists are here to help if you run into tech problems, have a question about the program, or just want to say hello. You can contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website. We’d love to say hello. 🙂

That’s actually how most Organizations start out. We have students with big teams, students with only a couple of people, and students that is an organization of one and trying to figure out where and how to get started. We figure all that out in their kickstart session and lay out a realistic and targeted plan that works even if you are only dedicating part of your time to “building” while the rest of your time is spent “doing” various tasks.


If you choose the IMPACT ENGINE SYSTEM™ + IMPACT ACCELERATOR MASTERMIND™ option, Laura or other certified coaches will review your materials during the coaching sessions and/or provide you direct feedback on your materials in the coaching portal.

If you choose the IMPACT ENGINE SYSTEM™ only, we are unable to review all of your individual workbooks, templates, or materials you’re creating for your organization.

Hint: Most of our participants choose the mastermind option. There’s nothing quite like the support you get from and with this group.

No worries!

You can contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website and we’ll help you determine which option is right for you.

This course is priced per individual and it is against program licensing terms to share your login information or otherwise distribute the contents of the training program with the exception of the deliverables you are creating as a part of this course. You’ll create many of your organization’s deliverables in this course and those can and should be distributed to all stakeholders and are fully customizable.

However, we highly encourage all team members to take part in this program! After all, your team needs to be on the same page as you are shifting your mindset and building your organization or transforming how the organization delivers IMPACT. That’s why we have a special program for organizations. Contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website to get the special pricing so all team members can benefit from the program.

If you are working as a consultant and plan to use these in multiple organizations, contact us here or using the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the website for special details about how we can give you all the support you need to be successful in supporting your clients.

We want to help you help your clients succeed, just like we do!

Plus, make sure you check out our new certification program because we have a level JUST FOR YOU so you can get ongoing support as you work with your clients.

In the IMPACT ACCELERATOR MASTERMIND™, you will have plenty of opportunities to get direct feedback from Laura, other coaches, and your peers on your particular organization scenario, review of your specific materials, and get answers to any questions about the program or applying the techniques in your organization.

You will have 24×7 access to this group forum and your private workspace to share your thoughts, get feedback, and request materials reviews.

Note: We are planning to add private live zoom one-on-one coaching with certified coaches in the near future and priority for access to this one-on-one coaching will be given to those in the program longest.