It’s always fascinating to go back through the numbers and data and determine where the biggest IMPACT was made for our IMPACT by Laura audience and students. In fact, its something the IMPACT method teaches to do in your PMO every 90 days too! This is especially true when approaching a benchmark such as the new year. My team and I took a look at all of the data sources on social media and the IMPACT site to determine which resources users just like you, used the most.

You will notice, the word “resources” instead of articles. As we dug deeper into the numbers, we found that it isn’t just the articles we put out that were heavily used, but also some of the tools and templates we have available. Here are the top 5 resources from 2018:

  1. Handling a Bully on Your Project.  Inspired by a cyber-bully, this post brought actionable steps to help you handle project bullies and help you remember you are not powerless against them.
  2. PMO IMPACT Summit. The PMO IMPACT Summit included 40 presentations from top industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience with you. Unlike other in-person and virtual conferences where all the sessions are packed into 3 days and you have to choose what to see and what to miss, the PMO IMPACT Summit gives you unlimited time to actually watch each presentation and absorb the information from the best PMO leaders. You get instant and lifetime access to all 35+ videos to watch whenever you want. PLUS you’ll receive a PDU/CEU certificate upon completion!
  3. PMO vs Agile: Can’t we all just get along? It seems that no matter which side of the line you come down on, people feel very strongly about the way an organization should go about getting projects done. If you are in the PMO or Agile camp, historically, you haven’t seen eye to eye on which approach is best. Is it best to have a PMO? Is a strictly Agile solution the answer? This article got the conversation started.
  4. IMPACT Engine 90-Day PMO. The proven system to take your PMO from “Administrative Overhead” to a highly valued business unit in 90 Days (or less!)
  5. 10 Steps to Ensure Project Rescue Success.  Are you lowering the lifeboats and getting ready to bail on your project? It can be a sticky situation to rescue a project that is struggling to meet the business needs. Here are some quick tips on how to ensure that the process is as productive as possible and you get that project back on track quickly.

As you move through the remaining days of this holiday week, and you are doing your own assessment and planning of the IMPACT you have delivered and will deliver for 2019, I hope that you will check into these resources and see how they can help to transform the IMPACT your career and organization makes in 2018.

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