Recently I had the chance to join Elise Stevens, a voice for women in Project Management, on her podcast Fix My Project Chaos. Elise and I talked about how PMO leaders and project managers end up hanging by a thread, simply surviving instead of thriving. I also shared many easily implementable take-aways so you can start driving IMPACT and solving business problems.

During this informative and entertaining episode, Elise and I delve into:

  • How to avoid being trapped into feeling the need to drive change quickly. Good change is sustainable, and that takes time.
  • Business leaders want to see results. As a PMO leader or project manager, you can’t spend two years just building templates and tools, first you must prove you can solve problems.
  • Build your credibility by fixing something. First, assess the organisation, understand where the real opportunities are and help your business leader realise the changes they need.
  • Once they trust you, you can introduce the templates and tools and processes.
  • Why it is important to start with why, don’t think about what you do, think about why you do it. PMOs are so much more than implementation methodology.
  • PMO leaders should change their perspective from believing the PMO is temporary, to seeing it as a sustainable business unit that has goals and objectives.

Be sure and listen in and let me know what you think!

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