I am thrilled to be able to announce the launch of our IMPACT Inner Circle community and membership program to help you Get. It. Done.

When I was in your shoes, I spent countless hours looking for resources, templates, tools, methodology, training programs, and guidance to help me address both my day-to-day needs as a PM and PMO leader, as well as support and guidance for my toughest challenges. With the launch of this new membership program and community, I’m able to help you spend your precious time and energy doing the high-IMPACT work that gets you recognized at work and helps you deliver the value that defines our profession. Here are the benefits of being a part of the IMPACT Inner Circle:
Training Programs with EXCLUSIVE Discounts: Every level of membership comes with progressive discounts on both our live and online IMPACT training programs.

FREE Training Programs:  Our paid membership levels include access to our  courses.

IMPACT Mastermind and Community: There is no need to go it alone! This community of highly engaged Get. It. Done. IMPACT leaders share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate on how to drive ever-higher IMPACT. You can ask questions of your peers, as well as get real-time advice from Laura on your toughest challenges.

Presentations: Videos and presentation files from some of Laura’s most popular speaking engagements.

eBooks: A full library of eBooks on various PMO, Project Management, and Change Management topics that is updated weekly.

Group Coaching Programs: Members-only access to quarterly free group coaching sessions.

Templates: A growing repository of templates, worksheets, checklists and other tools. New freebies will be added regularly.

Member Resources: A new section for resources from our members! If you have a tool or resource that you would like to share with your peers, simply upload the file with a description and then head over to the private Inner Circle community to tell everyone about it!

Webinars: Live training webinars to help you maximize your training and success. Recordings are available for varying lengths of time, depending on your membership level.

Newsletter: As a subscriber to the PMO Strategies Inner Circle membership site, you will also receive weekly information right to your inbox. There, you will find out about new resources added to the membership site and read the latest articles to further your PMO, project or change effort.

So, why would you join?

The benefits I’m sharing here with you are the same tools and resources I’ve put in place in various organizations for 20+ years. My clients have seen outstanding results when leveraging my systems, tools, templates, and playbook to drive high-IMPACT project management in their organization. These tools have helped me develop and grow project managers at ever level, from the newbies to the space, all the way to senior level executives.

  1. A strong and well-managed project portfolio of initiatives with clear focus and alignment with strategic objectives such that the most important organizational priorities receive the highest level of attention, resources, and support
  2. The ability to more proactively and accurately define and measure return on investment for all initiatives undertaken by the organization to support best project prioritization
  3. Greater transparency to project progress, allowing real-time adjustments to keep the entire portfolio aligned with the corporate strategic direction
  4. A higher level of Project Management competency development for all staff, leveraging the techniques and tools implemented to improve performance on all operational and project work, increasing overall staff efficiency
  5. The ability to have higher capacity for project throughput, allowing the opportunity to take on additional improvement initiatives throughout the year
  6. The ability to more proactively manage time and cost of project work, ensuring best leverage of internal resources at reduced cost and with greater project throughput
  7. Faster and highest quality delivery of initiatives targeting client benefits, increasing overall client value
  8. Development and fostering of a collaborative project management culture in the organization to support effective decision making and more holistic project outcomes
  9. Greater efficiency in project and portfolio management, as well as increased effectiveness in collaboration and communication facilitated by the implementation of a suite of project management tools, templates, and resources
  10. Stronger and more informed decision making as a result of having a reliable project management and PPM process

If you are charged with driving change, building a PMO, managing projects, or leading/managing people, I’ve got resources to help you Get. It. Done.

And, don’t forget!

I have tons of free stuff in my IMPACT Inner Circle FREE membership level, so there’s really no reason not to join us. Come check it out and gather resources to help you deliver high-IMPACT results.

If you have any questions about the membership programs, please visit our IMPACT Inner Circle program page. 

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