The important role PMOs can and should be playing in project prioritization. The very important question, “How do we know we are doing the right projects?” is one that the PMO team should be able to answer through some very simple process and resources.

This week’s article is by my friend, Stuart Easton, the owner of TransparentChoice.

Does that name sound familiar?

As you may have seen if you are checking out the IMPACT Engine 90 Day PMO training program, Stuart is generously giving ALL students 90 days of free access to his software.

He believes so deeply that we need to be able to easily answer that most important question (Are we doing the right projects, not just doing them right?) that he’s GIVING AWAY his software.

We are incredibly grateful that Stuart is helping us with a very important need our PMO leaders will have as they go through building out a PMO or increasing the IMPACT of an existing PMO. Thanks, Stuart!!

Definitely check out his article here.

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