I built my first PMO in the 90s (yes, in the last century!) and the truth is that I had no idea what I was doing! BUT, I had a Get. It. Done. attitude and a desire to learn and boy did I learn! A lot. I made a lot of mistakes and I learned a thing or two over the following two decades of putting PMOs and PM best practices in place. Now that I teach and coach others the art of successful project management and PMO implementation, I am seeing some of the same mistakes I used to make when I was first starting out.

I see PMOs that had a real chance of success getting bogged down in the not so important, while opportunity passes them by (as does their next promotion). I also see business leaders that have run out of patience with the PMO and many PMO leaders are concerned about their future, feeling they are constantly under attack!

While there are many things we can do wrong, there are MANY MORE things we CAN do right. We must get that target off our backs by focusing on the ways we can deliver high-IMPACT outcomes ASAP. Use this guide as a reminder that a PMO that can’t Get. It. Done. might be here today, but will be gone tomorrow. Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes so that you can THRIVE, not just survive. I hope this saves you from learning the hard way, as I often did.

Get started with this Bulletproof your PMO Cheat Sheet, inside you will find 10 simple ways (and a few bonuses too) to help you make sure your PMO can Get. It. Done!


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