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PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

The Investment PMO Mindset Interview

In this interview, Steve and Laura have a lively conversation about the mindset shifts that PMO leaders must undertake to ensure that they are laser-focused on the ways the PMO can deliver business value.

The Investment PMO: Measuring and Increasing Project Business Value ROI

ALL projects are investments, even though they are rarely defined or managed as such. Money, resources and time are invested because the value expected from the deliverable will ultimately be greater than the cost. Yet that expected value (ROI, NPV, profit) which is the prime metric of ALL OTHER investments, is usually not even estimated on projects.

This presentation explains how a PMO can both augment and measure the value of both its portfolio and itself by (1) defining projects as investments; (2) mandating and tracking the simple metrics that quantify scope, cost and time; and (3) assisting teams in utilizing value-based techniques such as critical path drag to optimize project and portfolio value.

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