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PMI Talent Triangle:  PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

PDU: 1.0 – Technical Project Management and 1.25 – Strategic and Business Management

This a series of lessons on realizing project benefits.  Two of the fundamental elements common to every project are change and benefits.  Without benefit, there is no justification to the organization for the project, and all projects, even those bringing benefits, introduce change – and attendant fear of change – to the organization.  These two elements are inextricably linked and travel in tandem throughout the project life-cycle.

Course will cover:

This TuneUp will focus on the element of project benefit – how to identify, quantify, monitor, measure and report on benefits – from Discovery through Value.  At the end of the series, for each life-cycle phase, you should be able to successfully:

  1. DISCOVERY: align project benefits with the organizational strategy
  2. INITIATION: determine expected results and benefits
  3. PLANNING: develop benefits register and benefits realization plan
  4. DELIVERY: manage the development and delivery of the project benefits
  5. CLOSURE: review status of benefits with stakeholders
  6. VALUE: conduct post implementation review, report analysis results that ensure benefits met expected business outcomes defined during Discovery and Initiation

To get started with the training program, please follow the instructions in the 4-item checklist below!


SUCCESS SECRET: I recommend that you take the time RIGHT NOW to block off your calendar! You are infinitely more likely to complete the program if you commit yourself to the training by blocking off the time on your calendar.


Doing the exercises is part of the course and the total PDU count. Doing them will help you reinforce what you have learned and ensure that you retain what you have learned.


Our templates are easy to use and follow and all of them come in an editable format so that you can customize them as necessary to fit for your project and organization. A word of caution: Longer isn’t necessarily better. In fact, increasing the length of the template as you use it internally will be directly proportionate to the decrease in it being read. Keep them short and sweet!

Use the IMPACT Plan template to record lesson “take always“and key points, and to list the specific steps you will take to act on what you learned in this lesson. Don’t forget to download your materials! 


You will get out of this what you put into it. Make the time to make yourself and your career development a priority. Do the work and you will see the results.

A Note on PDUs

The course is a combination of watching the training videos, reading the materials, performing the exercises and taking the quiz. If you do all of this, you will be eligible for the 2.25 Instructor-led training PDUs upon completion of the course and all associated lesson materials.  Remember, the online or Digital Media Education Instructor-led training PDUs includes the TOTAL amount of time it takes for the course and ALL associated lesson materials.   That is defined as the total time it takes to complete the review of the course video, as well as the companion readings and completion of all associated exercises, workbooks, and/or worksheets, and the test of knowledge acquired.

For instructions on reporting your PDUs for this course, please visit the PDUs Reporting page.

These techniques are distilled from Laura’s 20+ years as a project manager and change leader, as well as PMO leader and even a volunteer.  They are the techniques she has used to lead and create effective and sustainable change. 

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