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Generally speaking, there are two domains of organizational change and business agility projects; formal and informal. The formal domain of these projects consists of the projects that are undertaken by as a result of strategic planning. The informal domain of these projects consists of spontaneous supporting projects that are undertaken throughout the organization in response to the change. Naturally, PMOs must first address the formal domain of organizational change and business agility projects with careful adoption of industry standards, principles, and practices. But that’s not all they can do; they can next consider how best to address the informal domain of projects. Toward that aim, the PMO does not seek to own these informal projects or compel how they are to be managed. Rather, the PMO nudges. This presentation introduces Behavior Economics Nudge Theory and the emerging role and new opportunity Business Driven PMOs face.


Business Driven PMO Evangelist

As a result of his work with PMOs, experiences leading or being served by a PMO, and research conducted in support of his published works, Mark Price Perry pioneered the concept of the Business Driven PMO.

Often characterized as a “boat-rocker” and outspoken critic, Mark challenges the traditional approach to PMO setup and management that has been advocated and practiced within the industry and that has led to PMO failures and loss of executive support.

Mark offers an alternative approach to PMO setup and management, an approach driven by specific needs of the business as determined by the leadership team, not industry standards or the latest PMO models, buzzwords and hype. Mark is the author of the Business Driven PMO three-book series, published by J. Ross Publishing.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

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