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Your PMO is adding value by leading projects and delivering results. Your PMO is also adding value by leading project managers and building their skills. While our organizations are going through this period of uncertainty and change, it is even more important that you lead and support your project managers well. Their work environment has changed, whether they are working from home or returning to the office. Project priorities and desired outcomes will continue to shift, and project teams may be re-forming. Stakeholders, sponsors, and team members are facing their own challenges and may be less responsive to your timelines. Your project managers -who are skilled at managing risk and uncertainty- will need to use their skills to build flexible project plans, motivate their teams, communicate with increasingly remote teams, and lead without authority. They will need to be comfortable with uncertainty.

You need to lead your project managers with increased clarity, enhanced communication, and empathy. You need to take advantage of opportunities you can find to improve their skills. You need to balance the drive for results with an understanding of the challenges they’re facing and remember that we’re still dealing with a crisis.

In this session, we will look at how you can provide the leadership your project managers need right now. You will leave with techniques to support your project managers as they strive to drive change, deliver results, and add value to the organization.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership


Lisa-Ann is an experienced consultant, teacher, and author passionate about improving how projects are managed – by organizations, teams, and people. She believes that everyone – organization and individual – needs a productive Project Management Mindset to achieve their goals, and works with them to build that mindset. Lisa-Ann works with organizations to assess pain points, identify solutions, and implement changes to how projects are identified, prioritized, planned, and monitored. She also works with individuals to improve their skills in project management and leadership through on-site, on-line, and hybrid training and coaching programs.

Lisa-Ann is adjunct faculty at Northwestern University, recently published two books on project management, is launching a new curriculum of online learning resources.