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We are no longer in the Information Age. We are now in the Attention Scarcity Age—where rapid change and information overload is the norm.

Having a successful IT strategy, and being able to successfully execute the right projects have never been more critical to organizational success, yet harder to achieve.

In this presentation, you will learn my Strategic Simplicity® Framework, and how its principles lead to IT Strategy and PMO success that are aligned to the needs and values of the organization.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management


Praveen Puri, an IT strategy / PMO consultant, is the expert in Strategic Simplicity®. He created the Strategic Simplicity® Framework, which leads to IT strategy and PMO success that is aligned to the needs and values of the organization.
Actual client results:
● 300% increase in e-commerce sales.
● 40% increase in executive team productivity.
● 33% reduction in product development costs.
● More progress in 3 weeks than previous 6 months on multinational project.

Praveen was CEO of, employee #7 and head of product management at ELCEDE, Inc., and was involved in the strategic development of online banking systems at Bank of America.

He was one of the only consultants at Motorola to ever receive their “General Systems Sector” award. Praveen was awarded for simplifying their project management process. ranked his book “Advanced Unix Shell Scripting” as #25 on the list of “38 Best AWK Books of All Time.”

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