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The “Agile vs Waterfall” wars–and all such methodology debates–focus on the solution without first understanding the real problem and thus distract us from the more noble pursuit of a universal “north star” approach based on common sense and common purpose. This presentation will lay out what common objectives must be achieved by any sound methodology, and will then apply sound management-science thinking and decades of experience to propose what techniques are most effective at helping PMO Leaders achieve those common objectives.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management


Mike is a leading-edge thinker and renegade who believes that we all must do more to unleash our boundless potential and solve increasingly complex global issues. He envisions a community-centric, expert-guided “power-to-the-edge” solution to most of these issues. For leaders and managers, this means open-platform approaches to innovating and sharing the most effective management practices. For consultants and other experts, this means that we are too often part of the problem, and need to do a much better job channeling our expertise in a way that delivers much greater impact.

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