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During the last PMO Impact Summit, Mike Hannan and I showed how you can reach much more output with less effort. But this requires a mind- and organizational change.

Most managers assume that this is a huge effort and takes a lot of time.  The Coronavirus crisis forced us to rethink nearly every assumption – one of them was “as a consultant you have to be face to face with your customer to do such a change!” And suddenly everything has to be done “online”. And it worked – even better.

In this presentation, I show how this worked – what changed and what kind of tools and workshops we used. p.s.: it is linked with the presentation of Mike this year – we share the same underlying belief that “people are good!” so you can see my presentation as one possible practical example of what Mike presents in a more general way.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership


Wolfram is dedicated to speed – either for projects or for changes. He has experience out of over 500 agile and classic projects in IT and any kind of mechanical and electronic engineering. The main theme in all is flow – how to bring organizations to a hyper productive state. As the author of many books and well-known speaker he inspired quite a few companies to do more with less in a very short time – counting in hours or days.