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The advancement of the Internet over the past two decades has taught us that we must run our organizations differently for our businesses to thrive, and perhaps even survive. This digital transformation is inevitable. To successfully move into the future, leaders need to strike a balance between organizational hierarchy and cross-functional coordination. While there still needs to be accountability for results, organizations need to be able to move faster to achieve these results.

In this engaging talk, Steve shares his transformational leadership framework, and how it’s used to adjust your culture for success in the digital age – to create a digital organizational culture. Steve weaves in stories of his rich history leading several types of transformational change in the face of growing digital reliance. The results? You’ll learn how to accelerate change to fuel the growth of your firm in this new world and propel your personal leadership success.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership


Steve is passionate about working with executives to bridge the strategy to execution divide to drive successful transformational change. He has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable enterprises to set the change in motion by creating transformational capacity, galvanizing leaders, and driving accountability to institutionalize the entire transformation. In an industry where projects continue to underperform, Steve holds a remarkable 85% success rate.

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