Do you know what it takes to take your PMO from “Administrative Overhead” ​​​​to Valuable Business Unit?

It’s time to stop talking about “PMO survival” and ensure that YOU and your PMO are THRIVING!

This system has been developed leveraging more than 25 years of research and application of the most important techniques that Laura has used to transform the careers of hundreds of project managers, enabling them to become an invaluable strategic asset that business leaders are fighting over.

In this program, you’ll be able to…

  • Have confidence and executive presence when engaging with your business leaders about your PMO

  • Take the guesswork out of setting the direction of your PMO and be 100% sure that your PMO is exactly what your stakeholders need

  • Focus on the highest IMPACT services and capabilities that achieve the greatest outcomes for the organization

  • Build a PMO strategy and roadmap that takes your organization on a journey toward higher IMPACT and ROI for every project

  • Seamlessly communicate the value of the PMO while delivering exceptional results that build credibility for the PMO (and you)

  • Embrace agility so that your PMO can swiftly adapt to shifting business needs without fighting change resistance.

Curious how Laura’s coaching has helped your peers?


Wondering what this program can do for you?
Take it from students who have walked in your shoes!

You can save yourself so much time and energy following this process if you are leading or a part of the PMO or building out project management capability. This just makes sense. Now, starting again in a new PMO leader role, I’ve never felt so confident! I know have everything I need to be successful in this new role right in this program.

Andrea Cirelli, PMO Leader

Beyond useful! A whole new meaning for the PMO: Project Management Optimized with PMO Strategies!

Masha Holthouser, PMO Leader