Is your PMO ready for 2024?

Join Sciforma and PMO Strategies founder, Laura Barnard, in January for a LIVE workshop to discuss your PMO health assessment and build a plan for high-IMPACT in 2024.

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Drive higher value on all projects

Increase your credibility & engagement

Build stakeholder buy-in

Create the right PMO path

The workshop will feature hands-on coaching to address the current and future state of your PMO. You’ll evaluate the health of your current organization to find the highest value opportunities. This workshop will give you actionable takeaways to build stakeholder buy-in, increase your credibility and engagement, and drive higher value on all projects. Gain valuable insight into the path your team should take when delivering consistent value through your PMO and strategy delivery office.

Start 2024 off right and get laser-focused on value-driven PMO excellence.

What we’ll do…

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DATE: January 2024 (More details to follow)


FORMAT: Live hands-on coaching workshop

HOST: Sciforma & Laura Barnard

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As an award-winning project portfolio management platform, Sciforma coordinates enterprise-wide strategy delivery in a single platform that connects value-based portfolios with powerful productivity across teams, business functions and geographies.

Reduce uncertainty and rely on experience with a partnership approach ensuring you receive a right-size, right-fit solution to meet the needs of your organization.

Meet Laura Barnard, Founder of PMO Strategies

Beginning in 1999, I spent 15 years building and running PMOs to deliver strategy.

Now as a business owner, I have spent a decade working with business leaders to drive higher IMPACT for their strategy every day.

As a top industry influencer, I’m shifting the organizational operating model to help leaders unleash the power of the PMO and project management to accelerate strategy delivery and achieve the highest possible return on investment – faster than they thought possible.

Are you ready to turn your organization into an IMPACT Engine System™?

You can save yourself so much time and energy following this process if you are leading or a part of the PMO or building out project management capability. This just makes sense. Now, starting again in a new PMO leader role, I’ve never felt so confident! I know have everything I need to be successful in this new role right in this program.

Andrea Cirelli

If you’re worried about the money, you’re thinking about it all wrong. I have shifted my mindset and now use the word investment all the time. I invested without the green light from my business because I thought this was so important. And it is! It’s so good that my boss reimbursed me because the program is so good and I got real results fast. This is what happens when you invest in yourself.

Wiletta Love

I love so much about this program. It’s really nice to not feel like I’m on an island by myself. Now in this community, I realize there’s all these other people that are just like me! I’m not alone. I really value having the input of the group and all the guidance and support along the way.

Cori Stampf

I love this program. I’ve been working on it for several months and it has given me a lot of ”Ahaaa” moments, and solutions to my, well more company’s problem. It is really hands-on PMO methodology and the best part are workshops within the worldwide student group and invited speakers where we learn from each other and get the best possible high lever expert guidance.

Gregor Androjna

Laura’s mentoring and the IMPACT Engine System™ program has been invaluable to me. It’s given me confidence and guidance through the challenges that I face as a PMO leader of one. I can’t thank Laura and her team enough for helping me learn and grow professionally over the last couple of years. Today, I not only work consistently and confidently with our leadership, but I’m also able to help coach others in our organization through the project management process. I highly recommend the IMPACT Engine System™ program and I know if you join you will not regret it.

Andrea Elkin

I went out on a limb, and I signed up for the IMPACT Engine System™ and I have not regretted it for one minute! There’s such a wealth of information in the IMPACT Engine System™ Implementation program itself and then there’s wonderful coaching and support to uplevel fast. I don’t regret for a minute having signed up for this because it’s given me everything that I needed to build a new PMO.

Debbie VanScoyk

Being in the IMPACT Engine System™ program has made an absolute difference in my life in terms of the headaches and the pain that I would have experienced going it alone. I have no hesitation in recommending joining the program as early as you can because as we speak, time is running out for you. Laura and her team will help you make the IMPACT you need to make quickly.

Garfield Charles

The Impact 90 Day PMO has given me the tools to move that project management needle in our organization. Laura is a fantastic coach who shared personal experiences and lessons learned in a way that’s very relatable. The materials and support provided are priceless and I highly recommend the IMPACT Engine System™ program.

Leigh Hasty

I was awakened by the health assessment results that changed how I want to take my PMO forward after 7 years in this role.

Sonja Donckers

Beyond useful! A whole new meaning for the PMO: Project Management Optimized with PMO Strategies!

Masha Holthouser

I would highly recommend PMO Strategies programs. I’ve increased the depth of my project management knowledge and the speed at which I’m learning all of it. If you’re executing projects or major programs, this is the place to start.


PMO Strategies helped us build project management capacity and deliver important change at a critical time in the evolution of our organization. The results exceeded our expectations and enabled us to accelerate progress toward our goals. Best of all, we are now more self-sufficient, and our goal of enterprise-wide engagement, adoption, and utilization was achieved with a system that we can sustain and improve over time. Simply put, PMO Strategies made us all better.

Joel Albizo, FASAE, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

We had a strategy, a talented group of people, but we weren’t sure how to get there. PMO Strategies has taken us to the next level by giving us the training and guidance to help us organize and deliver on the most important work we do. It’s been transformational for the organization and I’m so grateful to the team for getting us here.

Mike Welch, Leadership and PMO Executive, American Planning Association

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