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Hi, IMPACT Driver! 

Are you frustrated with the gap between your organization’s strategic plans and actual results? 🤔 

I can tell you who likely is frustrated…your executives. 

In this episode, I’m tackling this very issue head-on. If you’ve ever heard your execs complain about strategic initiatives falling short or you’ve been frustrated that you just can’t seem to maintain momentum with all the shifting priorities, lack of focus, and never enough resources, this episode is a must-listen. I’m walking you through the groundbreaking system that promises to revolutionize your approach: The IMPACT Engine. 

You’ll learn the six steps to success to revolutionize your approach to building or elevating a PMO/strategy delivery team designed to accelerate every part of the strategy delivery lifecycle and deliver measurable results fast – the kind of results that earn you a seat at the leadership table faster than you may imagine. 

The IMPACT Engine combines a winning strategy with high-powered execution. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover in this episode: 

🔍 What is the IMPACT Engine? Get an overview of this comprehensive system and how it completely eliminates the “gap between strategy and execution” and why that thinking is part of the problem. 

💡 Why is it Important? Learn about the common pitfalls in strategy delivery and how the IMPACT Engine addresses them to ensure your organization’s success. 

🎯 The Six Stages of the IMPACT Engine: I’ll introduce you to the six transformative stages that make up the IMPACT Engine. Each stage is designed to tackle specific challenges and drive significant organizational value. 

Ready to unlock these insights and start accelerating the delivery of your organization’s strategy?  

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Laura Barnard